Take That Away From Us: The Dislike For Some Foods May Extend Into Adulthood

By Anthony K

Life offers underrated reliefs like eating, going ‘number 2,’ and lying in bed. Your genetics, preferred taste, and smell determine the food you eat. Below are hilarious responses from Redditors on the foods they hated from childhood and adulthood.


Some people attribute their hate for specific foods to their genetics, as social media user AccomplishedWaltz802 claims. EgdyBettleShell claims that the gene OR6A2 in almost 22% of the human population detects aldehydes in cilantro, making it taste less pleasant.

Photo Credits: @suzyhazelwood / Pexels

Redditor EgdyBettleShell shares a trivia that the gene OR6A2 also feels different tastes when eating cinnamon which will have a disgusting earthy taste.


The liver is among the favorites of some, while some consider it their worst dish because of its unique taste and smell. Redditor Fleaslayer shares that he has hated liver since childhood despite it being their father’s favorite dish.

Photo Credits: @farhad / Pexels

He thought he would love the meal years later because of his wife’s cooking prowess but was disappointed by the same gross taste.

Blue Cheese

Some diseases affect our capacities to taste and smell. User Noirrr_ claims that he can’t stand the smell and taste of blue cheese. The smell made him almost throw up in a burger, even though he had a condition at the time that didn’t allow him to smell most things.

Photo Credits: @polina-kovaleva / Pexels

The original poster’s appetite was gone with the first bite. Blue cheese lovers can’t understand why someone would hate the delicacy, while some don’t understand how one learns to tolerate it.


Avocado is popular among children and adults. User Mounirl’s unpopular food opinion is that avocado is gross, with a tiny taste of dust and a strange texture.

Photo Credits: @polina-tankilevitch / Pexels

The original poster loves guacamole with an exquisite flavor of salt, lime, cilantro, peppers, and other favorites and may choose guacamole over avocado toast, avocado burgers, and avocado ice cream.