The 7 Least Known Facts About Chocolate

By Anthony K

Chocolate has been a delicacy around the world for a very long time. While most people eat chocolate regularly, they don’t always know where exactly chocolate comes from or how it got so popular. Well, this piece won’t actually give you the popular info.

Source: @pixabay/Pexels

Instead, we want to share with you some lesser-known facts about this delicious treat.

Hot Chocolate Was The First Treat

The Cacao brew has rich roots in the Aztec and Mexican cultures.

The original piece was different from today’s hot chocolate. Cacao brew was a bitter concoction mostly used in ceremonies like weddings.

Cacao Was Once A Currency

The Aztecs deeply loved Cacao, which they valued highly and used as currency.

The Cacao bean was popular and widely used for transactions during the Aztec civilization.

German Chocolate Isn’t German

Samuel German invented sweet baking chocolate for Baker’s company in 1852, which would be named ‘German’s chocolate.’

The cake is the creation of a Texas woman that included German chocolate in her recipe and published the directions in a 1957 Dallas newspaper.

Marie Antoinette Loved The Modern Hot Chocolate

Marie Antoinette loved cake and chocolate too. Ancient evidence claim that hot chocolate was a frequent delicacy at the Palace of Versailles in Marie Antoinette’s time.

Chocolate Has A Special Melting Point

Chocolate has a melting point between 86° F and 90° F, which falls slightly below the body temperature. The melting point makes a candy bar melt in your hands if you don’t eat fast.

Making Chocolate Is Hard Work

Making chocolate requires time and resources that could be scarce. The cacao bean doesn’t also turn into chocolate magically.

Source: @pixabay/Pexels

It takes about 400 cacao beans to produce a single pound of chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Was Invented In Switzerland

Daniel Peter created milk chocolate in 1875. It took him about eight years to produce the perfect recipe using condensed milk as a key ingredient.