The Best Bread For Sandwiches

By Anthony K

Image courtesy of Kitchen Authority

It is with no doubt that to make a delightful sandwich. It would help if you had a great sandwich bread. Statistics indicate that sandwiches are the leading carbohydrates consumed worldwide. To have a delicious, satisfying sandwich, you have to choose your sandwich bread right. Some of the best types of sandwich bread are:

Potato Bread
This is a bread that is somewhere between bread and potatoes. It has a great spongy texture and is full of flavors which makes each bite delicious and pleasant. You can include some savory and sweet fillings on this bread. The best sandwich you can make with potato bread is Grilled Cheese.

Focaccia is known to be a flatbread. Thus, making a sandwich with Focaccia means you are going for a sandwich that’s open-topped and Swedish-styled. This will be especially important when you need to reduce your intake of carbs. Focaccia is specifically rated by Italians as one of the best sandwich bread. Some of the best sandwiches you can make with this bread include pastrami, ham, tomato, cheese, turkey, and onion.

French Baguette
The French Baguette is baked using basic lean dough and can be identified easily from its length. You can add lots of fillings to this bread’s sandwich to make it more delicious. The best sandwich you can make with this bread is the Philly Cheese Steak.

Rye Bread
This is one of the oldest forms of making bread in Europe. It was introduced in Britain by the Vikings in 500AD. This bread type can contain varying rye amounts, and typically the darker it is, the higher the amount of rye. Some of the best sandwiches you can make with this bread include lime with radish, and avocado.

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With the various bread above, you can make your sandwiches more fulfilling.