The Best Options For Types Of Steak Cuts

By Stephen M

A visit to the butcher counter offers a view of different cut options that suits your preferences. There are several choices for steak cuts, but a few are widely recognized. That aside, what you are cooking determines the cut options to go for. We will take you through some of the top steak cuts and the proper ways to use them in cooking.

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Is there a best steak cut?

Well, there is nothing like best cut, as your preferences and usage normally determine your choice. However, cuts through the cow’s back are normally tender and flavorful, making it the choice for many steak lovers. These cuts include the tenderloin, strip, T-bone, and ribeye.  


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Ribeye steak cut is the favorite for most steak lovers due to its tenderness and flavor. It comes in a large round cut with a lot of marbling running through. You can have it with bones or boneless.

Strip Steak

Also called the New York Strip, Strip streak are a rectangular boneless cut known for its deep, rich, intense flavor and marbling/ Compared to the ribeye, this is less tender, but the strong flavor makes the difference.


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The tenderloin steak comes in a longer cut but has no marbling. Without marbling, the cut has less flavor, nonetheless very tender. The tenderloin comes with have a fillet mignon, which is mostly served with a butter base sauce to enhance its flavor.


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The T-bone steak comes in a strip steak along with a fillet. A T-shaped bone separates the two. The T-bone steak is a large cut and mostly meant for a crowd. In addition, it is flavorful and tender, making it something for everyone.

The most expensive steak cut

The flesh is always expensive than bones. Therefore, cut from the fleshy and most tender side of the cow is the priciest. This makes tenderloin the most expensive steak cut.

Best Cuts for Grilling

The number one rule for grilling steak is to make sure it cooks as quickly as possible. This is to ensure it retains some moisture and not becoming dry. With this, ribeye and strip are best for grilling because they are much thicker than the rest.