The Four Must-Try Popular Potatoes

By Luka E

Potatoes are without a doubt the most versatile vegetables and also one of our absolute favorites. The best part about them is the multitude of ways you can prepare them, such as boiling, mashing, frying, grilling, pureeing, pickling, steaming, sautéing, and dehydrating. What’s mind-blowing, though, is the number of different potatoes available, all of which have certain styles of cooking that work best for them. These are 7 of the most commonly found potatoes you’ll come across. 

Russet Potatoes

These are the most commonly used potatoes, especially in the US. Russet potatoes have tan-brown skin and a slightly rough texture on the outside. These famously starchy potatoes’ size varies from that of a toddler’s fist to the size of a guinea pig. They are a favorite for frying because their exterior absorbs oil well, while the inside steams and becomes fluffy. 

Image courtesy of Stokking | Freepik

Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are a waxy potato that’s smaller and has smoother skin than russets. Inside, they’re usually paler than russet potatoes and have a shiny look to them. They have less starch and more moisture than most potatoes, which helps them maintain their shape when being cooked, braised, or in a stew. 

Image courtesy of Nic D | Unsplash

Yukon Gold Potatoes

These medium-sized potatoes are somewhere between waxy and starchy, making them great all-purpose options. Their creamy nature is best showcased in mashed potato dishes. 

Sweet Potatoes

There are many kinds of sweet potatoes, but Beauregards are the most common in the US. Their skin is rough and orangey-brown, with a bright orange flesh underneath. Sweet potatoes are more nutritious than most, with loads of vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. You can use them in pretty much any recipe you would use other potatoes to add interest to the flavor, not to mention all the delicious desserts that become possible.

Image courtesy of Juno Jo | Unsplash