The Heat Is On: Why Sriracha Dominates The Hot Sauce Market

By Kanyi M

Thailand is known for a lot of things: its cuisine, the ancient Hindu city of Angkor Wat, and, of course, a spicy sauce called “Sriracha.” This sauce has now become an American favorite and a global phenomenon.

Source: @elly-fairytale/Pexels

More than anything else, Sriracha sauce is a condiment that adds flavor with a bite. The initial recipe for this red dipping sauce was created by Thai farmer Thanom Chakkapak in 1917. She was making it out of curiosity to make a new bottle of garlic pickle chutney (aka “chili pastes”) that didn’t have much flavor.

Nowadays, you can find it on pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and even scrambled eggs. So, if you crave that extra kick with your meal or snack, then Sriracha is the perfect option for you to try. This spicy red dipping sauce is made from fresh jalapenos, vinegar, garlic, and salt and contains no preservatives.

The sauce became famous in the United States after local Thai restaurants started using it as an alternative to soy sauce. There are countless variations of this incredibly popular Asian dish that can be found at any restaurant or grocery store around the world today.

Depending on the kind of recipe that you’re using, these red and green sauces can be made from fresh or dried chilies. Some recipes also use garlic, salt, and other spices, while others are all about adding tangy vinegar.

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The sauce is often served in a plastic squeeze bottle and is meant to be used as a condiment or as an accompaniment to dishes like noodles and soups. However, there are some recipes that use this spicy red sauce as an integral part of the dish itself.

The most common flavors of Sriracha available right now are green and red, but there is also a black variety of this famous condiment.