The Secret Function Of Ritz Crackers’ Wavy Edges

By Larissa C

Ritz crackers have been a beloved snack for generations, but many people may not know that their scalloped edges serve a practical purpose beyond aesthetics. The official Ritz Crackers TikTok account recently revealed that the crackers can double as a tool for cutting cheese.

Source: @yabbath/Unsplash

By rolling the ridges across a thin slice of cheese, the cracker is able to create an indentation that makes it easy to pull the slice apart, resulting in a perfect size for serving on top of a Ritz cracker. This hack eliminates the need for a knife and also saves time on cleaning up utensils.

While the TikTok video has been met with some skepticism, the fact that it comes from the official Ritz account lends some credibility to the claim. However, the cheese used in the video was quite thin, and some viewers pointed out that the cracker may not work as well with thicker slices of cheese.

Nonetheless, the hack is a fun and inventive way to enjoy Ritz crackers with cheese.

Interestingly, the scalloped edges on Ritz crackers were not originally designed for cutting cheese. According to historical accounts, the design was chosen during the Great Depression to give the snack a sense of class and sophistication.

Source: @azharulm/Unsplash

At a time when many Americans were struggling financially, Ritz crackers were marketed as an affordable luxury item that could be enjoyed by anyone. The name “Ritz” itself connotes elegance and refinement, further emphasizing the idea that this snack was a treat for the masses.

Overall, the story of Ritz crackers and their scalloped edges is a testament to the creativity and innovation of food manufacturers. Even something as seemingly simple as a cracker can be designed with both practical and aesthetic considerations in mind, and it is fascinating to learn about the history and evolution of this iconic snack.