The Snackle Box Trend Takes Over: Tackle Boxes Get A Delicious Upgrade

By Kanyi M

Social media has a way of churning out the next big thing, and the Snackle Box is the newest trend for foodies. If you have a party to attend that would greatly benefit from this snack creation, give it a shot. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a combination of a charcuterie board and a tackle box.

Source: tchron/Reddit

Yes! You read that right. Tackle boxes are used by fishermen to hold their tackle. No longer will your party be shamed for not having anything to eat besides cheese and crackers. This is a revolution in food preparation.

Even though a charcuterie board is perfect for a party or picnic, the Snackle box is a great idea for the road and would be so versatile with any type of traveling. If you are in need of a way to transport snacks that don’t require an easy-to-open container for dainty snacks, then this is perfect for you.

One thing we found interesting about this to-go snack creation is that it’s not just for parties. We like how the Snackle box can be used for everyday life and at home when entertaining family and friends or when having dinner with friends.

Source: D0NW0N/Reddit

When it’s just you and the family hanging out, it can be very hard to keep up with all of the snack needs. The Snackle box is perfect for that. Even after you get home from a long day at work or at college, you’ll have a tasty snack ready when it’s time to relax.

You’ll never have to worry about where your snacks are because they will be right in front of you and easy to transport when you are on the go. The best thing about this concept is that it is so easy to make and cost-effective – you can find tackle boxes for under $30 on Amazon.