The Top 5 Most Delicious Foods For Summer

By Luka E

We don’t care who says otherwise – summer is just the best time of year. It’s sunny, the days are long, and nature is showing off for us. It’s also the time of year when we get to enjoy some of our favorite, iconic summer foods like the ones on this list! 

1. Watermelon

This is, hands down, the most iconic summer food—the summer food to rule them all. When we think of summer, watermelons and swimming pools are always in the picture. They’re pretty much synonymous at this point.

Image courtesy of Aushath Hameeda | Unsplash

Just imagine – you’re hanging on the edge of the pool, legs floating in the water, sun on your back, with a watermelon in hand and sticky juice running all over. We’ll bet you can’t help but smile at the thought.

2. Barbeques & Hamburgers

Nothing beats a good barbeque on a hot sunny day – next to the pool, of course. Whether it’s ribs, juicy pulled pork, or burgers while you’re at it, the satisfaction levels are always high on a day like this.

They may not be the healthiest options, but there’s no shortage of alternatives for you to try out these days. We love a good homemade black bean patty.

3. Grilled Corn

On the topic of vegetarian/vegan grill choices, grilled sweet corn is a delicious crunchy staple that we can’t live without.

Image Courtesy of Samuel Bryngelsson | Unsplash

They’re affordable and super easy to cook and pair well with just about everything!

4. Grilled Shrimp

America’s favorite summer pastime is completed with a few shrimp on the grill. Marinate them in garlic butter or BBQ sauce, and you’re good to go! They even make an excellent salad topper.

Image Courtesy of Taylor Kiser Evolial | Unsplash

So that’s it for our top 4 favorite summer foods. Hopefully, we’ve got you ready for a good beach day – we can’t wait for our next one after writing this!