The Top Items On The McDonald’s Menu

By Luka E

Khidr Joseph, an editor over at Delish, tried all the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu to find out exactly what’s worth our money. $100 later, this is the list he came up with. 

Image courtesy of Thabang | Unsplash

The Best Value Items at McDonald’s

Best Breakfast Item – Iced Coffee $2.99

Iced coffee is a lifesaver on hot days. It’s smooth, refreshing, and gives you a much-needed pick-me-up on your way to work. We can sometimes forget that we’re still drinking coffee and go a little overboard, but who cares – it’s so worth it!

Best Side: Fries $1.89

Fries are the epitome of fast food. They’re crunchy and salty, leaving you wishing you had more almost every time. Old McDonald has gotten his fries formula down to a science and continues to reign supreme as the lord of the fries. 

Image courtesy of @Aliazukrina | Unsplash

Best Sandwich – Filet-O-Fish $4.49

For Khidr, this sandwich is one of the most iconic meals at Mcdonald’s. This was his fast-food sandwich of choice when he was a kid because he felt transported to the harbor with every bite. This sandwich is a must-try for fish lovers. 

Best Desert – Oreo McFlurry $4.49

We all knew this one would be on this list. Oreo McFlurries are the cornerstone of any trip to McDonald’s and are far superior to the M&M flurry. The smooth milky creaminess is paired incredibly with the chocolatey crunch of the Oreos. 

Image courtesy of Erik Mclean | Unsplash

Thank you, Khidr, for your sacrifice (just kidding, we know you love it) in service of all the McDonalds out there! Now we know exactly what the ideal meal plan looks like, although personally, we might swap out the sandwich for a good old chicken burger.