Times When People Cooked At Home And Created Tasty Masterpieces

By Anthony K

Food is essential to our lives as we’re fascinated by talking about, preparing, and eating our favorite dishes. You may take photos of your food for future reference or to showcase your cooking prowess. Below are three mouthwatering dishes by Redditors that’ll leave you drooling.

Crave No More

Every day comes with new cravings and the desire to try new or revisit familiar recipes. Self-love should include making yourself a delicious meal you can afford when your craving kicks in.

Photo Credits: Aceryall/Reddit

User Aceryall woke up craving roast potatoes and decided to salivate no more. We hope the potatoes are as sweet as they appear in the picture.

Best Medicine For Depression

Depression can deny you a chance to live a happy life, make new friends, or complete assignments on time. Fortunately, a great friend, garlic bread, and spaghetti can speed your journey to recovery.

Photo Credits: Crunchyrice01/Reddit

User Crunchyrice01 was lucky to have a great friend that could make a delicious meal from simple ingredients like garlic bread, spaghetti, and the love for a friend. The final product looks delicious, and we hope Crunchyrice01 has moved past the depression.

Happy Birthday

Everybody wants cake for their birthday, but few can make flawless homemade cakes. Homemade cakes are delicious, can be sizeable, and allows you to get a skill that could earn you an extra income.

Photo Credits: Confusedandcool/Reddit

Confusedandcool baked a delightful cake as a personal treat for their birthday. The cake features a perfect shape and beautiful decorations of fruits. We hope that the original poster’s party didn’t end soon as the cake was eaten.