45 Unappetizing Dishes That The Chef Had The Nerve To Call “Food”

By Sachin P

As often as we may praise the virtues of flavor, we are indeed visual creatures, so the more appealing a dish or culinary item appears to be, the more inclined we are to taste it. We’re more apt to say, “You’ve got to be yanking my chain” when something seems unappealing, as if it was prepared in the middle of a stinking swamp by Shrek’s personal gourmet chef. Well, you best believe the fact that there’s a lot of disgusting-looking food available on the market these days. Hotels, healthcare facilities, and even grocery stores have the nerve to stock these items. Unfortunately, these are areas where you’d think they’d know far better! But thankfully, the Instagram page, thes**ttyfoodblog has them all in one place to warn those who are thinking about eating one of these “dishes.” So go through our list of unappetizing “food” to see just how far people will go!

Grotty Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a type of Italian dumpling dish made from potatoes that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re prepared with little chunks of flour dough and potatoes with some other herbs and seasonings. When it’s properly made, they taste delicious.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

So, the sound of chocolate gnocchi sounds delicious. But, the mere sight of the product can send you straight to the doctor with a violent case of vomiting. Anyone with functioning eyes can see what this resembles!  A pile of dog droppings!

Pizza perdition

Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s simple to make, and it always tastes good no matter what time you eat it. Plus, it’s readily available everywhere. You get what we mean if you see the sheer number of institutions that sell pizza in the states alone.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

But, this? This is a hate crime. Just look at what they did to this potentially beautiful pizza. It seems like the person who prepared it did so with his eyes clothes. If this were delivered to us, we would send it straight back.

Fudged up

Rolled ice cream is a recent phenomenon that actually took over the culinary world with a strong force. It’s just regular ice cream, presented almost like a rolled carpet. It’s that simple. But, the presentation is what people have come to love about it.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

So, when you hear that you’re getting a fudge topping on that, your eyes light up with joy, right? But, when you see how the fudge topping really looks, you lose your appetite for the next week or so. Just look at it. Ugh!

Fries that frustrate you

Ahh, cheese. We feel bad for lactose-intolerant people because they can’t appreciate the heavenly taste that melted cheese can offer. It’s almost like a religious experience. Also, it’s extremely simple. Just take a slab and heat it.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

However, this is not the case here. Adding cheese to fries just ups its taste factor. But, the cheese has to melt properly over the fries. It should never look like this, especially if you order it in a restaurant. This is a downright crime, in our opinion.

Hulk is…arriving!

Remember the infamous Slimer? The floating, jello-looking blob of ectoplasm that just loves to slime people? It’s the neon green fat ghost from Ghostbusters! Now, you remember? Yes, you do. Well, it looks like the Slimer is still at large.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

How on earth can you explain this particular brand of sauce? Apparently, it’s pistachio sauce. Okay, sounds harmless enough. But, these sellers really lack the voice in the back of their heads that should encourage them to think things through.

Just don’t go tasting this rainbow

Skittles are little, round, and chewable sweets that come in a packet with a range of colors. “Taste the rainbow” has always been Skittle’s slogan for a long time, referring to the candy’s bright colors. Each color represents a different fruit flavor.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Although they resemble their chocolatey cousins, M&M’s and skittles have their very own market, and one might be confused when laying eyes on this candy dispenser. Don’t be fooled. These are skittles. Imagine how long these have been in there for the colors to bleach like this? This looks like a scene from a dystopian movie.

“It’s cold banana water”

Remember that one scene in Arrested Development where Lindsay (played by Portia de Rossi) gives Michael (played by Jason Bateman) hot ham water just because she started doing chores around the house? Well, that’s kind of what has happened here.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The customer requested a banana and cold water. Together. Maybe they wanted to replenish their potassium levels as bananas are high in potassium. But, we will never understand the thought process of the customer. They simply asked the barista to put the banana inside the water. Makes one really go, hmm… doesn’t it?


Remember having an ice cream or an icicle on a hot summer’s day? Ah, the small things that we treasured as kids stay in a safe place in our memories. However, we also remember the times when we ran out of money or accidentally dropped the ice cream.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

When also remember the times when employees have sheer incompetence and disregard for our happiness. Everyone opens a box of pizza with heart eyes and excitement. We can only guess what the customer felt when they opened this baby vomit on a tortilla.

What the fugu were they thinking?

Blowfish, also known as pufferfish, are notoriously hard to prepare appropriately due to the presence of a neurotoxin 10,000 times more toxic than that of cyanide. The toxin is found in many of its internal organs. Yet, it’s a delicacy in Japan.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

It takes almost decades of training for a sushi chef to specialize in Fugu for them to be qualified enough to serve it to customers. So, imagine how surprised this person was when they pulled out a dried pufferfish. They dodged a bullet here!

Daylight robbery

One of the problems we have with this dish is the fact that this customer probably paid around 20 dollars for it? Were they paid 20 dollars to eat this? The question remains. Firstly, let’s just do a small inspection as to what’s in this.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

We see a couple of lettuce leaves, two baby carrots, one piece of broccoli, some rice, two cheese slices with ketchup on top of one thin piece of chicken, and some rice. Oh, we forgot! There’s also the parsley dust which makes the whole dish gourmet. Sigh. The levels of service some restaurants stoop to are just appalling.

No need to mince words here

Minced meat. Mmmm! Even hearing the name makes those of us who like meat crack a smile. Minced meat in sandwiches is something that is just so delicious, and you almost never get tired of it. Apart from minced beef, minced pork takes the cake.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

But, this arrangement looks a bit too much. It’s one thing chopping a pig into little cubes. But arranging those cubes into a pig is just a bit too much. Secondly, what’s with the tomato eyes? They honestly look very spooky!

Cold Banana Water: Part 2

Not many of you might remember the movie The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It’s a parody of buddy cop movies in general, and in our honest opinion, it’s a hidden gem of a comedy movie.

thes**ttyfoodblog / Instagram

In one scene, the character played by Steve Coogan offers our duo waters labeled with fancy names and subtly bribes them. Names like Russian water, glacial water with Mediterranean limes sounds fancy, but it’s just water. So is this concoction, in a sense.

Coffee with a bit of protein

Some people really need their morning cup of coffee. Before they start their day, they depend on that hit of caffeine in their body to wake them up. It’s almost a morning ritual among millions of people. This also explains the coffee consumption levels worldwide.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Now, we feel bad for this person instantly. Nobody wants to start their day like this. Especially to have their first cup of coffee looking like something out of a Bear Grylls documentary. He’d like this, though. Extra protein never goes amiss.

The lord is testing me

Everyone remembers the heated argument that divided the world. Can we allow pineapple on a pizza? That thing just blew up out of proportion out of nowhere. But, the quicker it blew up, the faster it died down, and now, we hear less talk about it.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Just as people learned not to invest their time in a debate like this, this abomination surfaced. Sure, we will be able to tolerate pineapple on pizza someday. But, while the wound is fresh, y’all decide to add kiwi!? Inconceivable!

Salmonella joined the chat

To quote P Diddy from the movie, Get Him to the Greek, “Everybody likes chicken.” This is actually true (unless you’re vegetarian). When you consider comfort food, fried chicken easily takes the top spot. There’s just something about chicken that tastes so good.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

But this bite here is just inviting a deadly case of food poisoning. Even one bite can take you down a path you would never wish to accept. That’s just a ticking salmonella time bomb right there. We sure hope the person who ate this is okay.

Salmonella Sandwich

We just spoke about this issue, but this one is on a whole other level. Those who prepare food for living beings should really be more careful with what they handle. This sandwich itself could be an entire Kitchen Nightmares episode just waiting to be picked up.

thes**ttyfoodblog / Instagram

Just take a look at that raw piece of chicken in this sandwich that could have sent someone to the hospital with a real bad case of food poisoning. You don’t want something you eat to ward off your hunger, sending you to the hospital. We know that for sure.

This does not spark joy

Remember Marie Kondo? For those of you who don’t know the lady, well, she’s what you call an organizing consultant. In layman’s terms, she makes things neat, spic, and span. She is actually a great asset for companies that want to be more organized.

thes**ttyfoodblog / Instagram

One of her key phrases was, “Does this spark joy?” Well, this pizza sure doesn’t. Look, we said that we could somewhat tolerate pineapple on pizza, but just make sure it’s properly cooked. Dumping fresh pineapple on one side won’t make anyone’s day.

Let’s not taco bout it

A taco is a popular Mexican traditional dish made of a hard or soft tortilla with meat, cheese, and salsa. After that, the tortilla is rolled around the contents and consumed with one hand. Just a PSA to get everyone hungry and need something good to eat.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

It’s natural for people to head to a taco bell after a night out to indulge in some tacos. There’s just something about feeling the crunch of fresh vegetables combined with the yummy meat and cheese when you take a bite. But this is just downright sloppy service.

This is wrong on so many levels

Food fusion is a cuisine in which two or more gastronomic styles or methods are merged into a single meal. Fusion food can take several different forms, notably regional fusion, which mixes food items from diverse areas or sub-regions.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Culinary mash-ups are also a type of food fusion. So, it’s okay if you take a food item from a totally different cuisine and try to integrate it into another culture. But, if it’s done like this, then it’s a disgrace to that culture, to be frank.

We love ‘taters, but this is just too much

What in the name of tarnation is this abomination? Loaded potatoes are supposed to be loaded with cheese and other good things, hence the loaded part. But this looks downright unhealthy. The skin looks so unappetizing that it almost looks like a piece of leather.

Image curtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Plus, what’s with the mountain of cheese on top? It looks like the potato is wearing a chef’s hat or a toque made out of cheese. Also, the cheese is not melted. It’s just dumped on top of the potato. This really drives us nuts.

Somebody call 911

Remember Sean Kingston? Well, the age group between 25 – 40 might know about him or heard his songs. The guy was well known in the late 2000s and early 2010s. He had this one song that contained the lyric, “Somebody call 911.”

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This is what someone should do if they’re served this crazy-looking dish. If you’re really on the fence about the color, it’s actually corn syrup with food coloring. Why would you need corn syrup to eat bananas, though? This looks more like an accident than a “dessert.”

One saving grace

Most of you know what lint is. It’s the bits and pieces of strings, cloth, and dust that gather in the very corners of your trouser pockets or your dryer. Think of them as furballs, but for clothes. That ought to provide you with a mental picture.

Image courtsy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This bun looks like it’s made of pocket lint. It’s stuffed with even more lint of a different texture so it looks like food. As the topic says, the only saving grace in this disgrace is that the chicken is cooked well.

Do we love this chicken from Popeyes?

Ah, yes. Fried chicken. We already discussed that it’s one of the best comfort meals in the world. It’s everywhere, and the execution is quite simple. Dunk chicken pieces in a very well-seasoned batter and deep fry it until it’s properly cooked.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The insides must be juicy as they can possibly be for it to be called fried chicken properly. That crunch and explosion of taste in your mouth when you take a bite is what makes fried chicken a fan favorite. This example is just plain carelessness.

Nick Young meme.gif

There are things in the world that instantly make you go “hmm.” Like if you are given a choice to like Nickelback or Dave Matthews Band. You’re bound to sit there and scratch your head. This is the main point we’re trying to make about…this.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Sure, it’s not the most disgusting thing we’ve seen, and it passes off as a sandwich. A bizarre one at that. But what is the deal with the lettuce? This actually would have been a good idea if it was just bread and chocolate orange.

Carrie’s Krispies

Rice grains and a sugary mixture molded into grain forms or “berries” that are boiled, dehydrated, and toasted expands to create extremely narrow and hollowed-out rice grains that are crunchy and crispy. We think you know what cereal we are talking about.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This process results in the “snap, crackle, and pop” noises. You got it! This is what makes Rice Krispies unique. But what is this abomination? This looks like a prop from the movie “Carrie” after they dump you know what on her. Maybe it’s her breakfast. Who knows?

Moo Beer

In 1933, American Can invented the first beer can for Gottfried Krueger’s Brewing Company. The advantages became clear from the moment it hit the shelves in 1935. Cans are much less prone to break than glass bottles as they are lightweight.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

They weren’t completely lightweight, however. These were first made of tin, then steel, and finally aluminum in 1958. That was a revolution for beer. But why package beef stock as beer cans? Sales tactic? If you’re that clueless, you might buy a six-pack of beef stock than beer on accident.

Are you 18 years or older?

There are specific images on the internet that, when viewed, leave us expressionless. Like, we don’t know what to say or do because it’s just that mind-boggling. We really would like to know what this person says when asked about his job.

Image couresy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

“Oh, I just inject pickles with hotdogs. No biggie.” What do you even call a dish like this? Pickle dogs? It just doesn’t make any gosh darn sense. This looks like something you could definitely find in the states, though. Americans have it all.

You see this is sushi without fish

Sushi is a classic Japanese cuisine of cooked rice with vinegar, generally with just a little salt and sugar, as well as a range of items including uncooked seafood and vegetables. Sushi comes in a variety of rolls and presentations.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

However, the major constituent is “sushi rice,” otherwise known as shari or sumeshi. So, calling only the rice portion Sushi is not only wrong; it’s almost a crime. Just look at it. How starved should you be to eat plain rice for 2 dollars?

That’s a lot to take in

To be honest, we have to agree on one thing here. The dish, although it sounds and looks like a calorie bomb of salt and cholesterol, is presented exactly as it’s described – mac and cheese stuffed hot Cheeto smothered in queso.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

You saw the choice on the menu, and you ordered it. It was primarily out of curiosity, if we might add. Along came the dish as exactly as it was described. The presentation is not that bad also, come to think of it.

“Avocado” toast

Fun fact. Avocados are a type of berry. That caught you off guard now, didn’t it? Well, so are tomatoes. No, we are not yanking your chain. It’s just botany. There’s a reason why this fruit on toast is such a smash hit.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

The combination tastes so good! Having a few slices of avocado with poached eggs just takes your mouth on a journey unlike any other. This is why this sad excuse for a sandwich rips us apart. Just look at it—so much shame.

Don’t forget to take your polythenes

James L. Kraft, the creator of Kraft Foods, took a milk-based product and made it into a delicious, long-lasting, uniform, reliable, and quick-to-cut type of cheese. This former retail worker filed a patent for “processed cheese” in 1916.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

He did it after a battery of experiments at his Chicago rooming house. All those experiments and sacrifices brought us a product that we’ve enjoyed for ages. So, you can imagine the disappointment when the customer bit into this sandwich and tasted polythene.

Bad noodle

Ramen is a delicous noodle soup dish from Japan. It comprises Chinese-style wheat noodles in a fish or meaty broth with garnishes like cut pork, nori, menma, and scallions, and it is sometimes seasoned using soy sauce or miso. But this? This?!

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

That’s basically what constitutes a proper bowl of ramen. This is a disgrace on the whole concept of ramen. A bowl of ramen represents joy as it hits the spot of any empty stomach and fills it with warmth. However, this does not spark joy at all.


Now there’s a reason why you should be concerned about eggshells. Nearly every single one of you knows from where an egg comes. Knowing that it’s not rocket science that eggshells carry a number of bacteria, thorough cleaning of your eggs is essential.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This is another reason why there’s an instrument called an egg cup that people can use to eat half or full-boiled eggs. When tools like that exist, there is no excuse to introduce foods like this in a hospital nonetheless. That’s just dangerous and irresponsible.


The versatility of potatoes really amazes us. You can deep fry them, bake them, cook them, make them into a curry, mash them, steam them, or boil them, and it still retains its amazing taste and nutrients. It’s really that simple.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

But we actually don’t know what to make of this. Potato salad in a milk container? How on earth did they think of this idea in the first place? That’s the question we need answers to. Sloshing down potato salad like milk won’t spark anyone’s appetite.

Deconstructed Caesar Salad

Culinary professionals deconstruct meals by interpreting their personal ideas of what a meal should look like and taste. They figure out what the basic principle is and break it down into its component elements. The dish is generally not subdivided into the most major constituents, even if it is offered in an unusual manner.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

That’s what makes a deconstructed dish. But this is not an example. This is just pure laziness. Plus, they charged 15 dollars for this scam! That’s just daylight robbery. You get some lettuce leaves, croutons, and a small tub of…dip? Utterly ghastly service.

Deconstructed Caesar Salad: Part 2

We explained in the previous post what a deconstructed food option should actually look like. We also explained in detail why this could not be considered as a deconstructed menu option. The only thing deconstructed here would be the commitment to the dish.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Yes, the commitment to serve your customer delicious food. This is just downright sloppiness. It won’t take ages to cut the lettuce into appropriate sizes, add the cheese and the condiments, and present it in a clean bowl. It’s not rocket science!

At least there’s cheese in it

Most of you won’t remember a movie called Chef starring Jon Favreau. Jon is a chef who goes on a trip to figure out what he wants to do with his life. His son and his best friend helped him figure it out, and he eventually dived into the food truck business.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Jon makes this fantastic grilled cheese sandwich that makes you want to make one the second you see it. Then, we come to this five guys version of grilled cheese. There’s an ample amount of cheese, but too much of anything can’t be all that good.


Whether it’s a classic thin-crust in New York to the wood-fired in San Francisco, pizza is profoundly ingrained in the American lifestyle. However, Chicago’s rendition went a step further by stuffing a thick crust containing reversed tiers of cheese, pork, and tomatoes.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

When it’s baking, you can see it rise to a super thick degree in a greased steel pan. Deep-dish pizza is now a part of the windy city’s identity. But not this. This is appalling to even look at. How can you disgrace Chicago like this with this abomination?

None Pizza with Left Beef

Steve Molaro, a TV producer, bought a pizza from the Domino’s site a little over 14 years ago. He selected his choices using a series of radio buttons marked “whole,” “left,” “right,” and “none,” just like everyone else utilizing the digital platform.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

He chose “none” as his cheesy option. Then chose “none” as his condiment. He also chose “left” meat. As a result, the internet’s greatest renowned pizza got conceived: None Pizza with Left Beef. That kids is the story behind this weird creation.

Somebody contact the Italian Embassy

Carbonara is a tasty pasta dish that originated in Italy that contains eggs, hard cheese, salty pork, and peppercorns. This recipe took on its modern incarnation throughout the mid-twentieth century, including its official title that we are familiar with today.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano-Reggiano, or a mixture of the two is by far the most common cheeses used for this dish. This travesty, however, has nothing, which makes carbonara what it is. Looking at this makes us literally cry for two things. Firstly, the scam. Secondly, the presentation.

A moment of silence

Ahh, burgers. Just like the fried chicken we mentioned earlier, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned American cheeseburger. Whether to stave off hunger or to just satiate a craving, the American cheeseburger is a food for all moods. Ain’t that the truth?

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog / Instagram

Even Tony Stark knew this, and this is why he wanted one right after he survived the Ten Rings. Imagine if Tony got this instead. He would not turn out to be the hero that is Iron Man but a villain because he’ll surely lose all hope upon seeing atrocity.


Guy Fieri, the king of flavor town, says the secret to a good steak is to start cooking those cuts at high temperatures to have a great browned coat on the outside. Then, immediately turn the temperature down to cook the flesh perfectly.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

This helps you to not burn the exterior or frying the inner surface. Basically, you need salt, pepper, a good oil, and some herbs like thyme for the perfect steak. Anything else is just a crime done on such a good cut of meat, just like this tomahawk.

Oy vey

Raffaele Esposito, a Neapolitan pizzaiolo (pizza maker), is said to have invented “Pizza Margherita” within the late1800sto exhibit all colors of the Italian flag with tomatoes (red), mozzarella cheese (white), and basil leaves (green), utilizing high-quality components is the real key.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

When making a great Pizza Margherita, read through it again. We emphasize the words high-quality components. That’s the key. Know that, this looks like a true abomination. It’s an insult to pizza lovers and Italian people in general. It’s truly sad to see something like this.

Oh no!

This is a vegetarian item that doesn’t use real bacon in its manufacturing process. The taste was created over the course of a few months in an attempt to recreate the taste of bacon. It has a dark crimson hue and a distinct bacon smell.

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

Plus, it includes a powerful sweet taste from sugar substitutes. That description alone would stave off your appetite for many days to come. To think that there are people who enjoy this is really taking our heads for a spin.

Is that even possible?

Apparently, solid milk is a thing. You can actually freeze milk into little cubes and maintain them in the freezer for upwards of six months. Six months! Who wants to drink six-month-old milk? However, six-month-old wine, yes, please!

Image courtesy of thes**ttyfoodblog/Instagram

But milk? The shady implications of this outweigh the convenience of storing this for a long period of time. Whatever is leftover, they can just freeze and serve to an unsuspecting customer. How can you know unless the milk has gone bad?