Potato Paradise: Top French Fry Joints Across The USA

By Sachin P January 19, 2024

In the realm of classic American comfort food, french fries rank among the most popular options regardless of whether you need a snack or something for dinner. Despite their French name and Belgian origins, fries have gained prominence as a quintessentially American comfort food. They have successfully held their own against such titans as pizza, burgers, and fried chicken.

This simple yet beloved meal can be spotted in almost every kind of eatery or shop in the nation, from upscale steakhouses and local diners to fast food joints and even the frozen sections of grocery chains. If you want to know who to thank, you can direct your regards to Thomas Jefferson, who is credited with bringing this deep-fried spud sensation to the land of the free!

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the best french fries in every state. Be sure to note some of them down for future reference!

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Mile High Fries

Mile High is the place for anyone who enjoys fries! This joint serves wonderfully cooked French fries that are crunchy on their exterior and tender on their interior. These tasty and airy fries make a fantastic foundation for adding an extensive number of garnishes.


If you ever find yourself here, make a point to order their fries with melted cheddar cheese. These come topped with tender pulled pork, green onions, ranch drizzle, and buffalo chicken. We don’t blame you if this has already made you drool.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: AJ Bombers

All who have had the chance to taste one of AJ Bombers’ burgers say the same thing — they are delicious! So, it’s a given that once you dig into this dish, you’ll feel your eyes roll into the back of your skull. Yeap, it’s that good!


Also, their fries have just as much potential to be this restaurant’s standout menu item. All it takes for one to realize that they would never stop coming here if they lived in Wisconsin is one mouthful of these scrumptious fries!

Charleston, West Virginia: Bluegrass Kitchen

The well-beloved cuisine at Bluegrass Kitchen is renowned for being fresh and flavorful as farm-to-table. The joint is also noted for putting the word “comfort” in comfort food. You should try their French fries. Only by tasting them will you realize the hype behind them.


The staff here cuts fries by hand, in contrast to other establishments that utilize machines to dice the potatoes. After being brined in malt vinegar, they are fried and presented piping hot. Whiskey ketchup and bacon aioli are served with the entrée. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

Seattle, Washington: Brouwer’s Cafe

Who would have thought that you could get a taste of Belgium at a Seattle cafe? Brouwer’s Café is renowned for its Belgian-inspired menu, which includes the tastiest sausages plates, and its fries that regulars describe as especially delicious! We’ll we’re sold!


They go by the name “double-fried wonders” more often. There are numerous mouthwatering sauces to select from. Mayo, aioli, Bourbon dragon sauce, rémoulade, chipotle mayo, and curry ketchup are a few of the widely popular options used to garnish their fries.

Virginia Beach, Virginia: Repeal Burgers

We all need a pick-me-up every once in a while. Luckily, there are meals that can lift your spirits so high that their effects appear to improve everything around you. That’s exactly what the fries and burgers at Repeal Bourbon & Burgers are said to do.


Sample out their poutine in case you want to test our assertion. It comes with one sunny-side-up fried egg, bourbon gravy, cheese curds, as well as “bacon dust” on top of their house fries. With toppings this delicious, you definitely won’t forget this once you’ve had it!

Burlington, Vermont: Al’s French Fries

After having a taste of Al’s French fries, you will realize one thing: There are some things in this world that are way better when they remain unchanged. When it comes to the flavor and caliber of these French fries, no grievances have been aired, ever.


So, naturally, the restaurant has made no changes. This establishment, which has been operating since the 1940s, is well-known in the Burlington region. With their crispy, finely sliced, mildly salted French fries, their straightforward nature is what sets them apart.

Salt Lake City, Utah: Hires Big H

These fries are so golden that bank robbers would be fooled. They are also so crispy that you can hear the crunch from miles away. Additionally, they come seasoned with sea salt. These additions make them the ideal side dish for any sandwich or burger.


With a side of ketchup or ranch dressing, they are an ideal option for an instant lunch or dinner. Thus, be sure to stop by Hires Big H at least once the next time you’re in Salt Lake City, whether you’re traveling by yourself or with pals.

Austin, Texas: Black Sheep Lodge

Even though you’ve enjoyed loaded fries in the past, we’re willing to wager that they’re nowhere near the ones served at Black Sheep Lodge when it comes to flavor. The fries in this Austin, Texas, restaurant are hands down among the best in the United States.


The staff loves to take things one step further and give you an abundance of options when it comes to their add-ons. This means that your imagination is behind the wheel, and you can design the loaded fries platter you have always wanted!

Chauhan & Masala House: Nashville, Tennessee

When you hear the name Chauhan Ale & Masala House, your mind will likely picture delicious Indian food. But, in their case, this is also one of the best places to go if you have a French fry craving. So, if you’re a fan of both these things, this joint is heaven!


They offer a unique Indian twist on the classic fries you are accustomed to. Their Tandoori Chicken should come with a warning because it can only be described as addictive. Their generous portions come topped with masala fries, cheese curds, tandoori chicken, and Makhan sauce. Great, now we’re hungry!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: TapHouse 41

Throughout the ages, French fries have remained an indulgent treat for the human race. It’s no wonder they have remained among the most popular side dishes for any meal. This is a fact that is adhered to like gospel by TapHouse 41.

TapHouse 41/Facebook

If you’re not one of those people who prefer making their own fries, this Sioux Falls restaurant is a great option. Their tasty, golden, crispy fries go nicely with nearly any beverage as well as some main dishes. Make sure not to miss it!

Charleston, South Carolina: Cru Cafe

The fries served at Cru Cafe are an excellent ambassador of their numerous tasty offerings. These guys have mastered the art of awesome comfort culinary delights. If you are looking for something a bit exotic, consider ordering their truffle parmesan fries.


If you like the classics, you could also try something straightforward, like the basic fries. The flavors you experience in every bite are utterly seductive. How someone can transform something as basic as a humble potato into something so wonderful still amazes us! Once you try these, you’ll be testifying as well!

Providence, Rhode Island: Red Stripe

A good French fry dish needs three things for it to be delicious. It has to be hot, salty, and crispy, all in the right proportions. The folks at Red Stripe have perfected this. Drop in if you’re in the neighborhood to savor their hand-cut, golden-crisp fries.


They go the extra mile to enhance the deliciousness of this dish with the addition of truffles or aioli. No wonder it’s a Rhode Island favorite! This is one of those places where we’d recommend stopping by to see what all the excitement is about.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Khyber Pass

It’s common knowledge that french fries are a tasty side dish that goes well with burgers, sandwiches, and various other dishes. Named after a famed geographical formation, the Khyber Pass serves fuss-free and incredibly tasty fries. They are served simply, crispy, and hot.


All the traditional restaurant fare is available at Khyber Pass, but there is absolutely no reason why you should get any of them without a side of their tasty fries. When it comes to this dish, they are the epitome of ‘Simple is best.’

Portland, Oregon: Potato Champion

Sometimes, the name or nickname of a person or an establishment is a guarantee of their capabilities because they have earned it. When it comes to serving the most delicious french fries in the country, Potato Champion can rightfully be called champions.


The highlight of their menu is their all-time favorite Belgian fries. These amazing fries come twice-fried! They are offered with a variety of sauce selections. So, if you’re ever in Portland, make sure to stop by Potato Champion for some incredibly yummy fries!

Bethany, Oklahoma: MOB Grill

When you think of a serving of fries, a medium-sized potion is what you’d normally envision. But at MOB Grill, prepare yourself to get “mobbed” by a gigantic feast that comes as an enormous serving of fries. You are guaranteed to salivate at the sight of these fries!


You will salivate just at the sight of them in a photo! This is because the fries come stacked with pulled pork, grilled jalapeños, bacon, and real cheese sauce on top. Even though they are a side dish, they outshine all the main dishes.

Columbus, Ohio: Loops

As we mentioned previously, fries ought to get three things right. So, french fries that are crispy and golden brown are the ideal side dish for any kind of meal. The owner of Loops figured this out quite early. It’s an Ohio restaurant with a Chicago influence.


Thanks to that, their fries are served in a way that represents that connection. The establishment serves its fries with shredded cheddar, chili cheese, and mustard. They also have feta fire fries, which are topped with hot feta and diced tomatoes. Now, that’s what we call a killer flavor combo!

Bismarck, North Dakota: Scotty’s Drive-In

If you ask anyone in North Dakota which restaurant they think has the most excellent fries in the Peace Garden state, you are bound to get one answer everywhere. Nearly everyone will tell you that Scotty’s Drive-In is the place to be.


They will also add that this establishment offers the best fries in the nation! You’ll have to conduct a simple test to figure out if that’s the case. Just taste their huge golden fries on the fly to find out if that’s a fact or not.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Buns

If you live in Chapel Hill and you find yourself craving some delicious french fries on your way home, like we often do, worry not. Just head to Buns! To ensure that their fries are fresh, they work on their potatoes all day.


The potatoes are obtained from Spud State, Idaho. This restaurant serves excellent burgers, but their delectable fries are what make an impression. They are flawless! Thus, if you’re in North Carolina, make sure to stop by here and bring your pals. It will earn you easy street cred!

New York City, New York: Pommes Frites

Many claim that to taste real fries, you have to travel to Belgium. This is very true, as the dish originated there. But if you are a bit tight-funded and want to have the experience on American soil, head to Pommes Frites in New York.

pommesfritesnyc / Instagram

This is one of the best places where you can have that “fry experience.” In Belgium, the sauce that you dunk the fries in is quite essential. Thus, at Pommes Frites, you are free to try a range of sauces until you find the one you like best.

Roswell, New Mexico: Big D’s Downtown Dive

Monster fries at Big D’s Downtown Dive in Roswell are incredibly delicious. Also, the establishment functions as a terrific neighborhood hangout. Notable ingredients that go into the fries served at this joint include cheese, green chili, pecan-smoked bacon, and a traditional sauce.


Also, make a note to try their sweet potato-based Thanksgiving fries if you find yourself at this place. These ones come topped with some bacon, maple syrup, and cinnamon. Just know you will be going back soon because the fries are so delicious.

Jersey City, New Jersey: Just Beclaws

It’s really hard to get fed up with standard fries. But if you happen to be craving something different, then Jersey City’s Just Beclaws’ incredible crab fries are the answer. We are pretty sure that these have the potential to be your new favorites!


These famously delicious JB french fries are served alongside a mound of juicy, fresh crab flesh and a dab of lemon aioli. As a garnish, you may also request that they add a bit or plenty of cheese. But even without it, the fries taste fantastic.

Weare, New Hampshire: Stark House

If you want variety when it comes to your fries, then this is the place to be! There are nine different types of french fries to select from at this joint. You will actually find it hard to pick just one since they’re all so incredibly tasty!


Among the numerous well-liked choices are truffle fries, buffalo fries topped with crumbled blue cheese, and Seoul-style french fries served with sweet chili mayo and Korean vinaigrette. If you consider yourself a fry aficionado, visit Stark House and enjoy the adventure!

Las Vegas, Nevada: Buldogis

Nearly every native Las Vegas resident knows this one thing for sure: Buldogis is renowned for providing its patrons with the tastiest gourmet hot dogs. Additionally, it’s also regarded as one of the greatest restaurants in the nation when it comes to french fries.


The best way to enjoy classic American food is with french fries, and that is a fact! Their Carne Asado Fries, which include caramelized onions, pico de gallo, four-cheese sauce, and chipotle aioli, remain one of the restaurant’s most well-liked fries.

Omaha, Nebraska: Block 16

It’s not an easy task to retain an honor bestowed on you for a consecutive number of years. But that’s just what Block 16 in Omaha has done. It has frequently been voted the best place in the nation to eat fries, and for good reason—they’re delicious!

block16.jessnpaul / Instagram

Those who have tasted the fries here will gladly concur with this assessment. For example, they have an inventive delicacy called Dragon Fries that includes scallion cheese curds, a fortune cookie, and a fiery dragon sauce. How awesome and authentic is that?

Missoula, Montana: The Greek Pastry Shop

One of Montana’s most well-known restaurants happens to be a Greek restaurant. Apart from the usual, delicious fare this Greek eatery serves, its fries are what get the limelight. If we were to make a recommendation, we’d ask that you go with the loaded fries!

The Greek Pastry Shop/Facebook

They are just the best! Fans and regulars of the joint say that the fries served here are guaranteed to melt in your mouth and make you happy right away. Say no more! They come well-laden with Tzatziki, feta cheese, and a dash of seasoning.

Springfield, Missouri: Black Sheep

Make sure to stop at Black Sheep the next time you’re in Springfield. You won’t regret taking the time to sample their assortment of fries. Truffle ‘n’ Parmesan and hickory-smoked french fries are among the most popular options among customers who come here.


Many people who have tasted them rank them among the best in the nation because they are exceptional. They achieve that distinct taste by using garlic, parsley, truffle oil, smoky garlic mayonnaise, and parmesan. Are you hungry yet? Because we are famished!

Tupelo, Mississippi: Blue Canoe

French toast is the ideal breakfast food. Nothing beats cutting into a well-made French toast with a dollop of syrup. Although the classic French toast has stood the test of time, we doubt you have relished a French toast breakfast sandwich.


If you haven’t, then you really should not miss the incredible breakfast dish served here! That said, we are not here to focus on that toast but on this joint’s fries! They have a crunchy outside and a fluffy interior, which makes for an amazing mouthfeel.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Barbette

Like the sun setting from the west, delicious meals being served at Barbette are a fact of life. This restaurant in Minnesota is also regarded as the pinnacle of a superb French brasserie in that region. Some even claim they’re the top in the entire state!

barbettempls / Instagram

The atmosphere alone makes you feel like you’re in the Ratatouille movie. We say this based on facts. It is basically guaranteed that you’ll be taken to a Parisian café with just one bite of the crispy fries. Just dip them in saffron aioli and enjoy.

Detroit, Michigan: HopCat

The fries from HopCat are superior to most others. That’s what makes them a staple and a much-loved accompaniment to every burger, sandwich, or salad. You will certainly come back for more if you try them just once. At HopCat, they stick to their classical roots when serving fries.


Their portions are served with a side of spicy sauce, ketchup, or ranch. To get their signature texture, the fries are cooked to a golden brown. The final product is quite tasty and crispy, thanks to the fact that the potatoes used are also of the best caliber.

Boston, Massachusetts: Saus

Exactly as the name indicates, “Saus” is the real deal when it comes to everything sauce-related. The eatery offers over fifteen distinct sauces on its menu. Ketchup, gravy, homemade mayo, and hot sauce are a few examples of these delectable sauces.

saus_boston / Instagram

But the fries are what take the lead here, and they are made much more delicious with the addition of these sauces. All the potatoes here are hand-cut and fried twice to produce a taste and texture unlike any other. Are you sold yet?

Ocean City, Maryland: Thrasher’s French Fries

Thrasher’s French Fries is an institution in Ocean City. Because of its iconic status, the people in Ocean City are very likely to recommend their fries if you have a craving for some. Founded in 1929, this establishment has a long history.

baltimorefoodscene / Instagram

Maintaining such a legacy for close to a century is no easy feat. All their signature fries are fried in peanut oil and salted well before being served with some vinegar. Thrasher’s is quite likely to draw a large queue, but the wait will be worthwhile.

Portland, Maine: Duckfat

Nearly all of us can remember a point in our lives when we had such yummy fries that we did not want to eat anything else. If you don’t have such a memory, then Duckfat will undoubtedly give you that impression.


Their fare follows the Belgian way of preparing fries. All fries are hand-cut. and they come with an assortment of sauces from the eatery. Once you get a bite of them, you will undoubtedly be motivated to return to Portland as soon as you can!

New Orleans, Louisiana: The Delachaise

Nothing compares to a big plate of crunchy, well-seasoned fries when you have a craving. Delachaise French Fries is just the place to satisfy that craving if you are in New Orleans. It’s also important to note that these fries pair nicely with most drinks.


Even though Louisiana is famous for its cajun cuisine, Delchaise has managed to carve out a name with its tasty fries. This restaurant is mainly known for its goose-fat-cooked fries, which they offer alongside their homemade vinegar aioli and peanut satay.

Louisville, Kentucky: Hammerheads

These golden fries are well known and sought after in the Louisville neighborhood for having a crispy outside and a soft inside. Because of that, they are known to pair well with the grilled meats and tasty tacos found on the Hammerheads menu.


The ideal bite and feel that come from salt on the inside of your mouth are sure to gratify you. Also, don’t miss out on their delicious truffle fries made with duck fat. They are often served with burned ends and melted cheese.

Lawrence, Kansas: The Burger Stand

Sometimes, when you feel down, all you need is a bag of golden, salty fries that are fluffy on the interior and crunchy on the exterior. However, The Burger Stand’s fries are a great deal more than that. Their menu features a selection of fantastic french fries.


Burger Stand’s fare is well known to provide a culinary experience unlike anything else. You can certainly savor the standard fries, but you also have to try the alternatives. Duck-fat fries, cajun fries, smoked tofu fries, truffle fries, and polenta fries are a few of the popular options.

Des Moines, Iowa: Django

Like the main character in Quentin Tarantino’s hit movie, these fries are off the chain! So, it’s no wonder they named themselves Django. Make it a point to taste the delicious steak fries served at this Iowan restaurant if you’re ever in the area.


It also has a welcoming French brasserie ambiance. You’ll know that these delicious fries are among the finest in the nation from just one bite. They are fried in duck fat, and for toppings, customers can expect béarnaise sauce, curry ketchup, and harissa aioli.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Brugge Brasserie

By now, we know it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the nation’s most popular potato side dish is french fries. It’s a perennial favorite among both children and adults. The finger-licking fries at Brugges are a must-have if you’re in Indiana.


It is important to keep in mind that they go nicely with the mouthwatering main dishes this restaurant serves. There is nothing like a good cheeseburger paired with Brugges specialty fries and an ice-cold coke on a hot summer day.

Chicago, Illinois: Au Cheval

Unlike the meaning of its name, at Au Cheval, there’s no horsing around when it comes to serving tasty fries! They are prepared to perfection after being fried until they are golden brown. Like several others on our list, this restaurant is better known for its burgers.


But you really shouldn’t overlook the fries. They hit the right spot when it comes to softness and crunchiness. It’s unquestionably the best spot in Illinois for french fries. There is nothing like a good serving of Au Cheval fries with all the toppings to beat the Chicago cold.

Boise, Idaho: Boise Fry Company

You know you are in good company when an eatery’s name features the word “company.” That word stands as a guarantee for fantastic food. In this case, these guys are sure to serve up some delicious fries made in sunflower oil.


All that preparation results in a batch of sunny and puffy fries. Furthermore, while most people like good ketchup with their french fries, this Idaho eatery has a wide variety of additional dipping sauces available. To enhance the experience, they feature delicious homemade seasonings.

Honolulu, Hawaii: South Shore Grill

Who in their right mind is not a fan of french fries? They make a tasty side dish for any meal because of their texture and flavor. They are one thing South Shore Grill excels at making. This joint serves the thick, chunky kind.


Though there are many other delicious items at this family-run restaurant that you would like, the fries are still the standout item. Thus, if you happen to be at this location, you should consider getting fries with Cajun rub or garlic butter.

Atlanta, Georgia: Yumbii

Yumbii, like many American success stories, had humble origins. They initially started as a food truck before upgrading into a restaurant. You will come to have faith in everything wonderful in life after trying their meals, like Korean BBQ and Mexican fusion food.


But their fries remain the focus here, as they are so delicious! They have a crunchy texture that’s hard to imitate. There is an enormous assortment of delicious sauces supplied with these fries, out of which our favorite is the melted cheese sauce.

Miami, Florida: Blue Collar

The MIMO neighborhood in Miami is home to this well-liked location. Don’t let the modest interiors of the restaurant put you off when you walk in. The Blue Collar is reputed to be quite cozy, and its lovely vibe is quite apparent upon entry.

bluecollarmiami / Instagram

Every day, they serve a lot of ribs, braised dishes, and parmesans, as well as an assortment of vegetables, to their patrons. Make sure to have a side order of the french fries as you sit down to eat here. It’s quite unforgettable.

Newark, Delaware: Stone Balloon House

If you visit Delaware to satisfy your appetite for history, then make sure to stop by Newark’s Stone Balloon House to satisfy your appetite for fries. This restaurant serves some of the most scrumptious french fries you’ll ever have. That’s a claim that is backed up with facts.

stoneballoonde / Instagram

This is in addition to a wide variety of delicious comfort cuisine and delicious beverages. The fries are the ideal side dish to go with tacos or hot dogs and drinks. They serve mouthwateringly loaded fries and sweet potato fries that are guaranteed to please.

Ridgefield, Connecticut: Hoodoo Brown

Remember the 90’s one-hit wonder “MMMBop” by Hanson? Well, these fries will have you saying “Mmmm” because they are that “bopping!” Since Hoodoo Brown first opened its doors in 2015, they have been offering delicious fries along with excellent barbecue and drinks.


People travel great distances to sample their signature french fry dish, which is the Texas poutine fries. As the name implies, it tastes delicious. We highly recommend a visit here to taste the poutine fries if you find yourself in the Constitution State.

Denver, Colorado: 5280 Burger Bar

The 5280 Burger Bar’s queso fries are served in a boat and covered in an abundance of flavorful sauce. Their skin-on fries are sliced and made from scratch in-house. These come topped with pico de gallo, green chili queso sauce, and additional cheese.


Other delectable loaded alternatives are the Frito pie fries with red chili, shredded Cheddar, and Fritos, in addition to pork green chili, bacon chunks, truffle, and Parmesan. It may be a small enterprise, but it has locations in Lakewood, Westminster, and downtown Denver.

Los Angeles, California: Taco Spot

California is well-known for a lot of exceptional things. This might as well be the reason why 2Pac sang “California Love,” because what’s not there to love? Why, therefore, can’t Cali be well-known for its excellent french fries as well? Taco Spot’s fries represent an experience rather than a meal.


That’s why you have to try them at least once in your life! Taco Spot serves its fries with avocado, ranchero, Rojo, Verde, and black mole sauces. Picture all these sauces on golden, crispy fries. If you feel hungry, our job is done!

Little Rock, Arkansas: Big Orange

The only natural thing to do when you find yourself in the Natural State is to visit Big Orange. It’s the best place in Arkansas if you’re in the mood for some comfort food. In addition to the delectable meals here, there are one hundred beverages available.


It is somewhat common knowledge among locals that their fries complement every dish. The fries themselves are said to be puffy and crunchy. A nice combination, if you ask us. You’ll be set once you dip them into one of their delicious sauces.

Tempe, Arizona: 5th Street Burger & Fries

This hamburger joint’s loaded fries are referred to as “a Big Mac on steroids.” Now if that doesn’t entice you to try them, we don’t know what will! They consist of waffle fries topped with melted American-style cheese, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, pickles, and crumbled beefburger.


A variety of topped fries are available at this establishment. Favorites among the clientele include maple chicken, which is made with maple aioli and breaded chicken tenders, and others that are covered with cheese sauce and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Cheetos on fries? Nuff said!

Anchorage, Alaska: Tent City Taphouse

Tent City Taphouse in downtown Anchorage is an Alaskan institution when it comes to loaded fries. This establishment is known for serving short-rib braised poutine. Now that is an awesome appetizer to share or enjoy by itself, but we all know we’d have this for ourselves!


This gastropub tops its fries—made with duck fat—with cheese curds, thick, creamy gravy, and juicy short-rib beef. Once you start digging into this mountain of goodness, it will be difficult to leave behind even one fry, curd, or a drop of gravy.

Birmingham, Alabama: Carrigan’s Public House

Carrigan’s might be a small place, but it boasts two locations in Birmingham. Both these locations make sure that all of the fries they serve are incredibly crispy and fluffy. The loaded fries, however, are a different thing entirely, and for good reason.

Carrigan’s Public House/Facebook

They are served hidden beneath homemade queso, ranch sauce, chili, and fresh jalapeños. Visitors suggest splitting a dish for a late-night meal or going with one of their excellent cocktails. For the best experience, you can even get these served with a corndog on top.