Scoops Across The States: America’s Top Ice Cream Spots

By Sachin P December 19, 2023

Ice cream has retained its status as a culinary delight since the 1800s. It was first mentioned in American history in 1777 and was primarily exclusive to the wealthy and influential. Yeap, ice cream was a boujee snack! But everything shifted in the 1800s after Nancy Johnson, the person credited with inventing the ice cream maker, received a patent for it.

This ultimately resulted in the creation of the ice cream industry, a business that milk merchant Jacob Fussell established in 1851. The rest is dessert history. For many, ice cream is a fundamental dessert and a constant companion. Whatever your mood is, it will always be the go-to comfort food.

Today, we take a look at the best places you can get this treat in the US. If you have some on hand, lucky you. If not, today may be the day you face your most intense craving yet!

Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream: Jackson, Wyoming

Any visitor to this city should try Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream’s wild huckleberry flavor. Nothing encapsulates the Mountain West experience like fresh huckleberry. But there is also an abundance of delicious varieties at the joint, like mango sorbet, lemon honey, and blood orange.

Moos-Gourmet-Ice-Cream / Facebook

You’ll be delighted to know that not everything here is catered to kids, as adults can also indulge in a variety of alcohol-infused ice cream flavors. These would be ideal after a steak dinner. They include favorites such as Jameson Whisky Pecan and the chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon.

Kelley Country Creamery: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

The Fond du Lac farm has been in existence since 1861, but the owners only began ice cream production in 2011. A display window into their creamery allows you to see how the ice cream is created, adding a little something to the experience. Their blueberry almond (blueberry ice cream with almond slices) is a crowd favorite.

kelleycountrycreamery / Instagram

Other well-loved options include blonde brownies (blondie ice cream with white chocolate and walnuts) and blackberry pie (blackberry ice cream with vanilla cake and pie pieces). At this establishment, you have the option of bringing your lawn chairs or utilizing their picnic tables.

Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream: Ceredo, West Virginia

Since its 1947 opening, Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream has amassed a large number of loyal customers. Remember those days when people thronged at stores just to get the brand new iPhone? Ice cream lovers in Ceredo would gladly wait in line to satisfy their cravings.

austins_homemade_icecream / Instagram

Others would travel from far away to sample the ice cream. Cookie dough soft serve, cherry nut, grape pineapple, and campfire s’mores are among the popular flavors at this joint. Thanks to its success, the business has a second location in Huntington.

Frankie & Jo’s: Seattle, Washington

The delicious vegan and plant-based options served at Frankie & Jo’s are well-known among locals in Seattle. The main ice cream shop is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. All their treats are offered in tubs or waffle cones that are gluten-free. These guys certainly know how to cater to their clientele.

Frankie_Jos / Facebook

Don’t let the word “vegan” put you off, as many clients claim the ice cream here is equally as rich and delectable as the one made from dairy. Their all-time favorite flavors range from chocolate dates and brown sugar vanilla to salty caramel ash. They also own an additional store in Ballard.

Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue: Norfolk, Virginia

Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue in Norfolk has all the makings of your typical warm and inviting diner. But don’t let its appearance deceive you, as this place is more than just an ice cream shop. The company’s founder claimed that he made the very first ice cream cone in history. Why, thank you, kind Sir!

dourmarsdrivein / Instagram

With over 100 years in business, most of the shop’s allure lies in its nostalgia. You can’t resist popping in just to experience what that’s like if you’re in the area. That said, the enormous floats and sundaes laden with fluffy whipped cream and cherries are what keep the customers coming back in droves!

The Village Scoop: Colchester, Vermont

As the name implies, the Village Scoop is a warm and welcoming neighborhood ice cream business. They pride themselves on offering soft serve, standard ice cream flavors, sorbets, waffle bowls, ice cream cakes, sundaes, shakes, and smoothies to their long list of everyday customers. With such a variety, we see why people keep coming!

thevillagescoopvt / Instagram

This lovely little shop is located in Colchester. It has rightfully managed to receive continuous positive feedback from customers who enjoy its friendly staff and menu items. Notable items on offer here include sea-salted caramel truffle, strawberry, and maple walnut ice cream.

Aggie Ice Cream: Logan, Utah

With a recorded history dating back to 1888, Aggie Ice Cream ranks among the nation’s oldest ice cream sellers. Aggie’s parlor is special because culinary scientists use it as a sort of testing ground. Located at Utah State University, it is well known for serving a wide variety of flavors.

aggieicecream / Instagram

Popular options offered here include the Aggie Blue Mint (mint ice cream with white chocolate and cookies), huckleberry, orange sherbet, and lemon custard. This shop’s ice cream is highly regarded as being exceptionally creamy and widely recognized both within and outside of the state.

Lick Honest Ice Creams: Austin, Texas

Using only the freshest, most sustainable ingredients, Lick Honest Ice Cream creates an intriguing array of artisan ice cream flavors. These guys offer unique flavors like olive oil, dark chocolate, roasted beets with fresh mint, and sea salt, as well as goats’ cheese, thyme, and honey.

lickhonesticecreams / Facebook

They also sell ice cream sandwiches in a variety of dairy-free and vegan flavors, which are all served in handmade waffle cones. The staff is gracious, easy-going, and quite popular among patrons. There are multiple locations in College Station, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

Mike’s Ice Cream: Nashville, Tennessee

Mike’s Ice Cream is a well-known location in the city. It’s known to remain open past midnight to ensure that customers enjoy an ample selection of ice cream, sundaes, floats, and shakes. Their Tennessee fudge (a combo of vanilla and chunky fudge) is an all-time favorite.

mikeofsecaucus / Instagram

If you find yourself here, try to get your hands on their blueberry cornbread or the white chocolate banana pudding, which is said to be quite the scrumptious treat. Customers especially enjoy the waffle cones, complimenting them on their deliciousness and freshness.

Leones’ Creamery: Spearfish, South Dakota

Customers of Leones’ Creamery can be described as lucky sweet tooths. That’s because they can purchase handcrafted batches of ice cream through its to-go window. This family-run establishment makes sure that the flavors are always rotating to create a culinary experience unlike any other.

leonescreamery / Instagram

Though the flavors keep rotating, notable standouts include the blueberry goat cheese, vegan lemon poppy seed, and coffee. All these are produced using goods sourced from neighborhood farms and businesses. The parlor also serves delicious hot chocolate floats, popsicles, and ice cream sandwiches. Feeling the craving yet?

Off-Track Ice Cream: Charleston, South Carolina

“Ice cream tastes more delicious if the components are simple and organic.” Off-Track Ice Cream is prepared to die on this hill, and to be honest, we totally get it. Here, all ice creams begin with four essential ingredients: cream, eggs, milk, and cane sugar.

offtrackicecream / Instagram

They offer a fantastic selection of vegan ice creams with flavors like peppermint chips, strawberry cheesecake, and raspberry fudge. These vegan options are made using raw cashews, sunflower oil, cane sugar, and organic coconut cream. They also offer classics like chocolate chip cookie dough, espresso chip, and key lime pie flavors.

Tricycle Ice Cream: Providence, Rhode Island

Before opening its inaugural location in 2019, Tricycle Ice Cream would sell its ice cream from bikes. That explains where the ‘Tricycle’ came from. Long-time customers of Tricycle’s have come to absolutely adore their dessert inventions which include things like ice cream drumsticks and sandwiches.

tricycles.ri / Instagram

Notable flavors include vanilla cookies with tart lemon ice cream and brownies with dulce de leche ice cream sandwiched between them. We strongly believe that whoever thought of such delectable ice cream and pastry combinations deserves all the success they can achieve!

Bassett’s: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lewis Dubois Bassett, the founder of this establishment, began producing his brand of ice cream in 1861 in what became the oldest operating ice cream shop in America. The original Philadelphia location had its official opening in 1885. We wonder if Bassett knew he was creating a legacy when he started off.

bassetsicecream / Instagram

The shop offers many different flavors of ice cream, but crowd favorites include vanilla fudge, banana, and mocha chip. Additionally, Bassetts offers delicious sorbets ranging from orange, lemon, and raspberry. As an extra treat, you can have your cone coated in chocolate or sprinkles!

Salt & Straw: Portland, Oregon

This incredible ice cream shop, based in Portland, offers unique flavors that are truly delicious and will make your palette surge with excitement. The ice cream here is more than tasty—it’s legendary! The owners have made a name for themselves in the community by serving deliciously unusual “classics.”

saltandstraw / Instagram

These include Arbequina Olive Oil, Honey Lavender, Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper, Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, and Coava Coffee and Cocanú Craque. They also ensure that their seasonal flavors are constantly changing. Their emphasis on using premium, locally sourced ingredients makes their flavors quite delectable.

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Food & Wine considers Roxy’s Ice Cream Social in Oklahoma City the best ice cream in the state. Regulars and visitors who have had a taste of their delectable treats agree with this assessment wholeheartedly. Only the best ice cream, prepared fresh every day, is served there.

roxysicecream / Instagram

Roxy’s is now found in four metro locations in Oklahoma City. Pistachio and strawberry cream remain their most popular varieties. Homemade ice cream sandwiches are another beloved option. Very few things can top their fresh chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich with cookies and cream ice cream.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Columbus, Ohio

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream first made its way to Columbus at the beginning of the 2000s. Since then, it has given rise to several branches across the state and the rest of the nation. The silky texture and unusual flavors offered at this shop are quite popular.

jenisicecreams / Instagram

These attributes have cemented the Ohio-based business’s status as a mainstay of the state’s ice cream subculture. Jeni’s incorporates almond flour in their macaroons to make the most delicious cookies. The result is usually a chewy baked product that’s ideal for a creamy, frozen center.

Pride Dairies: Bottineau, North Dakota

Pride Dairies is a small-town creamery located in Bottineau. It has been operational for about nine decades. They make butter, cheese, and ice cream, all of which taste delicious. But their ice cream is what has brought them their immense fame.

Among the most beloved flavors is the one they make for Mount Rushmore (it’s North Dakota, after all). It is said that Thomas Jefferson himself devised this recipe, and Pride Dairy has replicated and popularized it over the years. It’s also the reason behind the “Vintage Vanilla” flavor.

The Local Scoop: Charlotte, North Carolina

The Local Scoop is well known for offering a superb selection of non-dairy ice cream options. All-time favorites include birthday cake and coconut. You can purchase them either in waffle cones or in a pint container for those who prefer to enjoy the treat on their own time.

the_local_scoop_ / Instagram

These are in addition to a delectable choice of dairy-based ice cream flavors. In addition to serving ice cream cakes, the shop offers a daily special in which, if your name is drawn, you receive a free scoop. Now that’s what you call marketing!

Fortunes Ice Cream: Tivoli, New York

Fortunes Ice Cream holds the rare distinction of serving the finest ice cream in New York. It’s located in the small hamlet of Tivoli. It is a pretty successful establishment, even though it has only been in operation for a short while.

fortunesicecream / IG

Their sorbet with brûléed grapefruit is a delectable, dairy-free dessert. It’s a delightful combination of candied grapefruit peels and scorched honey sorbet. You can also try their sweet pea with mint if you’re looking to try something different from the regular fare.

Caliche’s Frozen Custard: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Caliche’s has been known to provide Las Cruces and the neighboring areas with retro-styled, icy dulcet treats for almost a quarter of a century. More compact and fuller than typical ice cream, the primary dish on the menu is frozen custard.

Caliche’s serves shakes, concretes (the store’s take on a mixed, frozen custard), and sundaes that include a green chili marmalade. It’s a pleasantly delightful treat that offers a zingy, sweet flavor that isn’t quite as sharp and stinging as you may expect.

The Bent Spoon: Princeton, New Jersey

The Bent Spoon is pretty well known for its ice cream game. Their masterful frozen desserts have gained national recognition for their innovative taste combinations. They mix everything from regional fruit to unusual spices to make their frozen treats and sorbets. Eating ice cream here is quite the adventure.

thebentspoon / IG

This shop serves more than a dozen ice cream varieties daily, all of which are created using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Because The Bent Spoon’s scoops are significantly smaller than usual, it’s easy to sample up to three tastes in just one cone or cup!

Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

For possibly the finest ice cream in the state, visit nowhere other than the picturesque city of Portsmouth! Since its establishment in 1982, the Ceres Street location of Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream has grown into a beloved spot in the community.

oto_0125 / Instagram

Annabelle’s recipes aim to be as natural as possible. They use 16½% butterfat, have limited air injection, and don’t use synthetic coloring. When all of this is adhered to, you get a delicious dessert that is slightly healthier than ready-made varieties.

Luv-It Frozen Custard: Las Vegas, Nevada

Since 1973, the fourth-generation family-run company, Luv-It Frozen Custard, has been providing Sin City with delicious desserts. This modest hut on the side of the road might appear easy to pass by but keep in mind that this is a Las Vegas mainstay that’s worth checking out.

loveitfrozencustard / Instagram

Their delicious sundaes are another thing you shouldn’t overlook, as there are more than fifty sundae options to choose from! You could go for the crowd-pleaser; the “Western,” which has toasted nuts, hot caramel, and hot fudge, or just go for a good old-fashioned hot fudge. Either way, you’ll enjoy it!

Coneflower Creamery: Omaha, Nebraska

Every dairy concoction that comes out of Coneflower Creamery is guaranteed to be delicious. Everything they offer reflects their small-batch, whole-foods strategy for ice cream creation. They always adopt a pioneering attitude when it comes to creating flavors that don’t match conventional fare.

coneflowercreamery / Instagram

Among the inventions this creative crew has come up with are baklava, citrus cornmeal shortbread with olive oil, and burnt toast with rhubarb jam. It sounds like a breakfast menu, but it’s worth a try if you find yourselves here. Every flavor is well-proportioned and appropriately sweet.

Big Dipper Ice Cream: Missoula, Montana

If you are a sweet tooth in search of something in Missoula, look nowhere further because Big Dipper Ice Cream is where you need to be. Despite the store’s numerous national recognitions over the years, it is still regarded as an integral part of the community.

bigdippermissoula / Instagram

The shop’s main attraction is the Super Nova Sundae which has two enormous brownies, six servings of ice cream, and an astounding six toppings. Would you be able to handle it? It’s so big that an actual bucket is used to serve it!

Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery: St. Louis, Missouri

From humble beginnings, Clementine’s has grown to six outlets in the greater St. Louis area. It is the brainchild of Tamara Keefe. When Tamara’s mother got her family a $2 hand-crank ice cream maker, it sparked a fascination of ice cream in her.

She is now well-known for her creative flavors, which include vegan and alcohol-infused varieties. The menu has specialties like pink Champagne and Carrie’s Cosmo. This consists of sour cranberry, lime juice, triple sec, and vodka. Now, doesn’t that just sound delicious?

Area 51 Ice Cream: Hernando, Mississippi

Area 51 is a small-batch artisanal ice cream parlor that features intriguing flavors that continue to be introduced to their menu. Salted dark chocolate, cherry vanilla, bourbon butter pecan, and peach lemonade sorbet are some of the recent menu standouts at the shop.

area51icecream / Instagram

To guarantee that it uses only the finest ingredients from the region, the shop collaborates extensively with Hernando Famer’s Market. This simple fact alone is enough to guarantee that their dairy offerings are among the best. Don’t just take us at our word; go and have a taste!

Sebastian Joe’s: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sebastian Joe’s prides itself on being a family-owned establishment. Opening its doors in 1984, it now has two locations: one in South Minneapolis and one in Uptown. This is another parlor that always tries to ensure that all its offerings are made from the freshest natural products.

Flavors like chocolate amaretto, blueberry mint sorbet, and raspberry chocolate chip have proven to be timeless at this establishment. In addition to smoothies, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, and affogato, you have the choice of getting your ice cream in a tub or a handcrafted waffle cone.

Moomers Homemade Ice Cream: Traverse City, Michigan

Situated on a dairy farm, Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in Traverse City allows customers to explore the farm and see the dairy cows that provide the milk used to produce the ice cream. You know something is fresh when you can verify its source!

moomersicecream / Instagram

Moomers oversees the production of about 160 varieties of flavors. 20 of these are rotated daily on the menu. Banana bread, chocolate malt, bubblegum, and caramel sea salt are among the all-time favorites. Aside from these, frozen yogurts, sundaes, sorbets, and ice cream cakes are also available as menu items.

Toscanini’s: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Reopened in 1981, Toscanini’s has long been an iconic restaurant in Cambridge. It has garnered rave ratings throughout the years, and The New York Times even dubbed its ice cream “The World’s Best Ice Cream.” Customers who have tasted their fare describe it as rich, velvety, and creamy.

tosci_icecream / Instagram

These guys have a variety of traditional and unique flavors, including burnt caramel, churros, French vanilla, and cherry with chocolate chips. Additionally, you can purchase personalized ice cream desserts for noteworthy events. Now that’s one way of amplifying a birthday or an anniversary party!

Annapolis Ice Cream Company: Annapolis, Maryland

The Annapolis Ice Cream Company has been serving high-quality, handcrafted ice cream for over two decades. It has been chosen as the best ice cream in Annapolis throughout that period. Mint brownies, oatmeal cookies, strawberry lemonade, and cherry pie are among the most popular flavors here.

Customers especially adore the adorable toy penguins scattered throughout the store! Also, make a point to request delicious milkshakes like the coffee chocolate chip if you happen to visit this parlor. This rich beverage comes garnished with whipped cream and extra chocolate sauce. Yum!

Gorgeous Gelato: Portland, Maine

One of the best dessert stores in the state of Maine is Gorgeous Gelato. It is currently owned by the Italian duo Mariagrazia Zanardi and Donato Giovine. The pair relocated to Portland from Milan in 2011. You know a gelato is banging when an Italian couple is behind it!

gorgeousgelato / Instagram

Customers rank this gelato shop as one of the finest they’ve found outside of Italy. They are known to make both vegan and dairy gelato. The most beloved varieties include amaretto, hazelnut, and stracciatella, which are all made using only fresh, natural ingredients.

The Creole Creamery: New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the most notable spots to get ice cream in New Orleans is the Creole Creamery, whether you like yours in a cup or a cone. A visit to this place, which is renowned for its distinctive tastes, is an incredible experience.

bigmaevesplate / Instagram

Traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are constantly available, along with a few unconventional ones like peanut butter fudge pie, lavender honey, and the perennially adored cookies and cream. You’ll notice the distinction in all their frozen treats since they are prepared fresh every day in-house.

Louisville Cream: Louisville, Kentucky

Since 2014, Louisville Cream, which is located on the pleasant and picturesque Market Street in Louisville, has been producing small-batch ice cream. They have established themselves as one of Kentucky’s best creameries in a matter of years. Kentucky Bourbon is a major ingredient in several of their flavors.

louisvillecream / Instagram

Their signature whiskey cookies and cream are laden with bourbon. Additionally, Louisville Cream serves some of the best sundaes around. Their signature Banana Pudding Sundae comes with fresh bananas, handmade vanilla wafers, banana pudding ice cream, sticky-sweet caramel sauce, and a torched marshmallow.

Sylas & Maddy’s Homemade Ice Cream: Lawrence, Kansas

Starting in 1997, S&M’s initially set up shop in Lawrence, Kansas, offering their incredible homemade ice cream flavors to the community. As word spread, they expanded to Olathe. On their official website, they advertise 74 varieties, but that changes depending on what’s in season.


Also, what’s prepared that day and what’s gone by the time you get there are factored into their daily offerings. Every flavor is available in the store, along with the waffle cones that are used for countless numbers of scoops each week.

The Outside Scoop: Indianola, Iowa

At this establishment, the staff prioritizes creating delicious flavors of ice cream from scratch with local products. So, it’s no wonder this place is so popular. The Outside Scoop offers its ice cream in a variety of handcrafted waffle cones, shakes, and soda floats.

Outside Scoop Indianola / Facebook

Favorite flavors include apple crisp, blueberry lemonade, white chocolate strawberry cheesecake, and triple berry sorbet. These are rotated quite often. In addition to the pink ice cream trucks that service the general Des Moines metro area, there is a second location in Ankeny.

Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium: Indianapolis, Indiana

It is a fact that the Irvington location of the family-run Wyliepalooza has changed hands. But fret not, as the original mother and daughter proprietors are still there at the Sobro location. This beloved establishment has long been known for dishing out generous scoops of their delectable treats.

They are known for a delectable assortment of ice cream flavors like peach, pumpkin, and lemon poppy seed. Espresso Oreo Soy and Black Cherry Soy happen to be dairy-free choices, so as you can see, they have all the departments covered!

Lagomarcino’s: Moline, Illinois

Since 1908, Lagomarcino’s has been making everyone’s day by producing delicious, fresh-made chocolate and frozen treats. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it’s regarded as one of the most classic ice cream shops, serving renowned ice cream sundaes, egg cremes, malts, and sodas.

lago1908 / IG

Both the bittersweet fudge and the ice cream are made from scratch. Their Banana with Hot Fudge comes split with a banana and garnished with whipped cream, crushed almonds, a cherry, two scoops of ice cream, and a tiny container of hot fudge on the side. The cravings have definitely kicked in by now!

The STIL: Boise, Idaho

This ice cream shop’s title is an abbreviation for the phrase “The Sweetest Things in Life.” Therefore, this store names every one of its flavors after something sweet. Try a serving of “Licking the Spoon,” for instance, which has a flavor reminiscent of delectable brownie batter.

ilovethestil / Instagram

Alternatively, you might like “Fresh Powder,” which has a vanilla cream cheese flavor. Additionally, there are a few vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free ice cream flavors available. This ensures that everyone gets to enjoy a delectable treat, regardless of their dietary requirements.

Lappert’s Hawaii: Kauai, Hawaii

Walter Lappert opened his upscale ice cream store because he wanted to spend more than two weeks a year in Hawaii. Lappert’s Hawaii is not the only location, as it currently has three branches on Kauai in addition to several more throughout the state.

They roast their coffee on-site and also possess an on-site bakery. Their ice cream comes in distinctive flavors like green tea, banana fudge, and Kauai pie. Kauai Pie has coconut flakes, coffee, dark chocolate fudge, and macadamia nuts, which explains why it draws customers back time and time again.

Sweet-Stack Creamery: Atlanta, Georgia

Sweet-Stack Creamery describes itself as a ‘funny yet unusual dessert bar’ with a selection of freshly made ice creams and sandwiches. They cater to every requirement and have a wide variety of vegan flavors as well. Would you believe that these are made with cookies and doughnuts?

sweetstackcreamery / Instagram

Notable vegan ice cream flavors include (they have been given rather creative names) the French Press (coconut cream and cane sugar) and Let the Man Go (mango). Regulars adore the inventive flavors, such as Cereal Milk, Cuban Coffee, and Cookie Monster.

Proper Ice Cream: Delray Beach, Florida

Proper Ice Cream always strives to do a proper job with their ice cream. Here, you can expect a variety of handmade ice creams, frozen custards, soft serves, vegan ice creams, and sorbets that are made using ingredients found both in the region and imported from Italy.

propericecream / Instagram

There is an enormous variety of flavors readily available at this shop. You can opt to try one at a time or sample an assortment. Find them at their two sites or at various eateries and marketplaces throughout the state. Butterscotch cocoa brownie, key lime pie, and cherry sorbet are popular options.

Woodside Farm Creamery: Hockessin, Delaware

The family-run Woodside Farm Creamery has a history that almost spans the history of the USA itself, as it was established in 1796. It is quite popular among patrons and visitors, who visit to experience its wide array of unique ice cream flavors.

Notable favorites include “Motor Oil” (coffee ice cream with caramel and fudge), chocolate peanut butter, and cookie dough. You can also meet the creamery’s gorgeous Jersey cows, who provide the milk needed for the ice cream. The parlor also regularly organizes outdoor events at its venue.

Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop: Oxford, Connecticut

When you arrive at Rich Farm Ice Crean Shop at the sight of free-roaming cattle and the aroma of freshly baked waffle cones, you might think you’ve arrived in heaven. At this establishment, you can be sure you’ve found the real deal when it comes to all things ice cream.

richfarm / Instagram

Although the flavors offered at Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop are varied and fluctuate every day, patrons especially enjoy the toasted almond, black raspberry, and peanut butter flavors. In addition to the branch in California, there are three more locations in the state of Connecticut.

Smith+Canon Ice Cream Company: Denver, Colorado

You know a place is good when it is known for combining award-winning artisanal ice cream and freshly roasted coffee. These are the specialties of the stylish gelateria Smith+Canon, which serves them combined as an affogato. Great! Now we want one…

Salty caramel, Thai tea, honey hotness, and peanut buttercup flavors are among the other notable offerings. The establishment has received awesome reviews from customers, many of them claiming that their ice cream is the finest they’ve ever had. They also commend the cordial service.

Smitten Ice Cream: San Francisco, California

At Smitten Ice Cream, your selected ice cream is prepared in front of you in less than 90 seconds! All of this is thanks to Robyn Sue, who designed the Brrr machine. The menu offers six flavors featuring strawberry cream, chocolate ganache, and classic vanilla.

They also have a wide selection of garnishes and sauces. A cone, a waffle bowl sundae, or a two-scoop float containing orange soda are the three ways that ice cream is presented here. In addition to Las Vegas, there are more branches in San Francisco and San Jose.

Loblolly Creamery: Little Rock, Arkansas

While Arkansas is home to several fantastic ice cream establishments, Loblolly Creamery ranks among the best. They lead the pack in producing small-batch ice cream in a range of flavors exclusive to Arkansas. The place is well-known for its enormous assortment of homemade ice cream flavors.

loblollycreamery / Instagram

We guarantee that Loblolly’s Arkansas Mud will fulfill your most intense chocolate desires, so give it a try. They also have the Gallontine, which is an incredible ice cream treat if you’re looking for something cutting-edge. With ten scoops and ten toppings, need we even say more?

Sweet Republic: Scottsdale, Arizona

Sweet Republic serves handmade ice cream that is lovingly made by hand using materials found in the region. The flavors associated with this shop are renowned for being utterly bizarre, with several of them quickly becoming favorites. The coconut cashew curry remains one of their best-selling dishes!

You’ll become an instant lover of this crunchy, nutty brittle folded with velvety coconut (and curry!) ice cream. Aside from that, there are twenty more distinct flavors, such as Jameson Irish Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake, Sweet Corn, and Salted Butter Caramel Swirl.

Wild Scoops: Anchorage, Alaska

This ice cream parlor encourages people to eat locally. They do this by using flavors from numerous local growers and enterprises throughout Alaska. Their ice cream contains components from a variety of sources, including regional farms, coffee roasters, and Alaskan brewers.

wildscoops / Instagram

You should also try their Baked Alaska Affogato, which consists of a scoop of your favorite ice cream, two shots of Black Cup’s locally brewed Alaskan espresso, and homemade marshmallow fluff. Once the fluff has caramelized from the torch, you may savor your delicious dessert!

Matt’s Homemade Alabama Ice Cream: Gulf Shores, Alabama

More than 40 varieties of homemade ice cream are available at the cheery and welcoming Matt’s Homemade Alabama Ice Cream shop. Notable flavors include Blueberry Cheesecake, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Monster. Fans claim that the cookie monster is a culinary sight to behold!

Cookie Monster is a blue ice cream served with cookies, which you can savor or go all “om nom nom nom” over! After selecting your preferred flavor, choose whether you would like it in a tub, cone, or with any of the other shakes, splits, floats, and sodas available.