Crust To Coast: Unveiling The Top Pizza Joints In Each American State

By Sachin P

There are fifty (technically 51) mouthwatering responses to the intriguing question of which state has the best pizza. Of course, pizza has been one of America’s favorite foods, and no respectable establishment is complete without it. People might still be debating who developed the dish, but we’re more interested in knowing who has the best, the kind that will make you travel hundreds of miles just for a slice.

The title of the “best pizza” might be subjective because we have different tastes and preferences, but we assure you that this compilation of the nation’s most distinctive state meals provides plenty to choose from. We include the best providers in the country, ranging from upscale restaurants to traditional, cheap, and homey places. If you ever find yourself in the US, a trip to the pizzerias below is a must.

Pinky G’s Pizzeria: Jackson, Wyoming

Known for its exceptional quality, Pinky G’s Pizzeria has been highlighted on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” Their pizza is simply fantastic, right down to the properly baked crust. Since opening in 2011, locals have voted them their favorite pizzeria annually. How do you even match such a feat?

Although plenty of alternatives exist in the city, this venue’s vibe is tricky to match. If you’re dropping by for an early dinner or lunch, try their slice, salad, and soda combo, described by many as divine. Need directions? Just follow the tantalizing aroma, and you’ll be in the right place.

Wells Brothers Italian Restaurant: Racine, Wisconsin

The calzones served here are simply fantastic. Their thin-crust pizza might be their best seller, but their delicious calzone is a must-try, too. Their calzones require much longer to prepare than most of the menu, but it’s worth the wait. Just ask their patrons!

These calzones come filled with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms with the Wells brothers’ homemade pizza sauce. They say good things come to those who wait, so have a little patience when you turn up at Wells, and your stomach will be greatly rewarded.

Mia Margherita: Bridgeport, West Virginia

Mia Margherita upholds the traditional Italian methods. It is as close as you’ll get to Italy in West Virginia. This wonderful establishment is known for its “carne diavolo” pizza and traditional coal-fired oven. So, if you are nearby, drop by for a hearty lunch or dinner.

As the name suggests, the “meat devil” comes well stocked with Italian Sausage, Capicola Ham, Hot Soppressata, Banana Pepper Rings, Sweet Onion, Mozzarella, and Provolone. Even typing up the ingredients is making our mouths water with anticipation. They only use the cleanest, hardest, and oldest type of coal, devoid of emissions and smoke.

Rocco’s: Seattle, Washington

Cheesy bread is not cheesy bread if it’s not positively oozing cheese. Rocco’s knows this very well, so their cheesy bread is rich in cheese and has a luscious texture. They have the distinction of making the most incredible pizza in Seattle, and people in the state agree.

They serve very inventive toppings, which change occasionally. When here, expect large slices freshly out of the oven, laden with all the great things you could ask for. They also stock a vast assortment of beers and drinks of various kinds. Rocco’s pizza is just excellent, down to its crust and the bacon.

Melting Pot Pizza: Front Royal, Virginia

As the name implies, this place is a melting pot of flavors. So, if you find yourself here, we recommend pairing their delicious pizza with their equally outstanding wings. Let the taste profile convince you of one thing about this place. Their offerings are off the charts!

Melting Pot Pizza / Facebook

We recommend trying their signature sauces “Regular” and “Pizzazz.” The latter has a slightly spicy flavor, but don’t let it deter you, as it contributes to their pizza’s fantastic taste! They still use the original dough recipe of butter and pure olive oil—everything they offer is guaranteed to be made fresh daily.

Folino’s Wood-Fired Pizza: Shelburne, Vermont

There are many factors that, together, contribute to the success of a restaurant. Out of these factors, location seems to take a prime position. That fact is exemplified at Folino’s because the restaurant is quite ideally positioned next to the Fiddleheads Brewery. Pizza and beer? That’s the perfect combination!

Patrons laud all the pizzas on their menu, especially the Truffle Pig, which is a crowd favorite. It has an olive oil base, a blend of three kinds of cheese, bacon, truffle oil, asparagus, buffalo mozzarella, and prosciutto. Going to Folino’s, you can always look forward to flaky crusts with incredibly tasty toppings.

The Pizza Cart: Cedar City, Utah

Pizza Cart’s thin-crust pizza is the main draw here, but their delicious homemade gelato must be mentioned alongside their bestsellers. They serve tasting samples of their freshly produced gelato as dessert! The venue is also a fun spot to relax and enjoy their wood-fired, brick oven-baked pizza.

The Pizza Cart / Facebook

They honor Italian traditions by using techniques that enable the pizza crust to be cooked to perfection, and the pizza feels fresh, bite after bite. They also offer prime salad options if you want to cut on the carbs. But what’s the point of living if you indulge in pizza occasionally?

Home Slice Pizza: Austin / Houston, Texas

Show us a person who dislikes garlic bread. You’re not the only one who finds it difficult to do so. We’re not saying that it’s impossible. We’re saying that it is hard because nearly everyone likes garlic bread. Home Slice Pizza takes that love and cranks it up to an 11 with their garlic knots.

They are so delicious that if Mina Harker had one of these, Count Dracula would start packing his bags for Transylvania. Their toppings give flavor without taking away from their exquisite crust, letting it shine through as it should. The independent neighborhood joint also offers antipasti, hot and cold sub sandwiches, and salads.

Five Points Pizza: Nashville, Tennessee

This establishment is set in the vibrant town of East Nashville, which is buzzing with activity. Sure, their pizza is the town’s talk, but try their delectable stromboli. It’s a turnover that is filled with Italian cheese and meat. Trust us on this one; you won’t regret it.

Five Points Pizza / Facebook

Are you looking for something different from your typical pizza? Then, make sure to try their Habanero Cream Pie, which is nothing short of amazing. Patrons say that it tastes like nothing they have ever had! The dressings and salads are delicious, especially the lemon vinaigrette.

Dough Trader Pizza Company: Spearfish, South Dakota

Two facts set Dough Trader Pizza apart from the rest. The goodness and quality of their made-to-order pizzas and the establishment’s pleasant ambiance work wonders. So, this is the ideal place to spend quality time with friends or family while stuffing yourself full of delicious food.

Dough Trader Pizza / Facebook

This very chic place still uses a 130-year-old sourdough starter recipe passed down through generations. One thing people remember distinctly about this pizzeria, aside from the incredible pizzas, is the funny names. Think Dances with Goats and King Leonidas. Inside the pizzeria is a bakery that offers scones, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and breads.

AJ’s Pizza: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Here at AJ’s, the pizza never leaves takeout unaccompanied and on its own. The tasty takeout pizzas are served alongside fresh, crunchy salads and wings, which go together like clockwork. You have to trust our recommendation on this one. This is worlds apart, nay, galaxies apart from the sloppy franchise chain pizza you may have had.

AJ’s Pizza / Facebook

A crowd favorite and one of the highest-rated pizza places in Myrtle Beach, the pizza maestros at AJ’s ensure that the delicious dough gets cooked perfectly using fresh ingredients. You can pick from their specialty offerings, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, create your own pizza.

Providence Coal-Fired Pizza: Providence, Rhode Island

Like its namesake, their pizza tastes almost like divine providence, quite rustic in style, and gets flavorfully burned. If you have never been here, you are genuinely losing the opportunity to experience a fantastic flavor that tastes unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Providence Coal Fired Pizza / Facebook

They pride themselves on being a real pizzeria, where the pizza is made in an oven that is set at about 900° (this gives it its traditional coal-charred flavor). We recommend ordering their large coal-fired Bianca pizza if you find yourself in the area, and be sure to bring your appetite.

Tommy’s Pizza: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Tommy’s Pizza is well known in the neighborhood for its open kitchen concept and incredibly fresh toppings. It truly is a wonderful place to grab a bite, and it’s a hive of activity all around. You can watch your pizza being cooked with tasty, fresh toppings. Established in 1973 by a Greek immigrant and his wife, their sons now own and manage the restaurant.

Tommy’s Pizza / Facebook

Let the delightful aromas awaken your senses here, and once your number is called, you know you are in line to receive some truly delectable treats. Aside from their bestselling pizzas, they also offer chicken wings, stromboli, homemade subs, salads, and gyros.

Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza: Bend, Oregon

One thing rings true where Pisano’s is concerned: they are the real deal, as they offer authentic Neapolitan offerings. At an early age, the proprietor received his pizza-making training in Naples, Italy, and continues to uphold traditional methods of pizza-making.

Pisano’s Pizza / Facebook

Pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired Italian oven dried with cherry, apple, oak, and peach wood. Customers are guaranteed quality ingredients with a fantastic crust that’s slightly crunchy but soft. This is the place to go if you’re looking for authentic Naples pizza.

Andolini’s Pizzeria: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Look, we get it. A pizza place ought to be about its pizzas, but in the case of Andolini’s, their offering will make you reconsider that stance. Their delicious lunch specials and salads have successfully counterbalanced the substantial pizzas, and they have excellent local brews, too.

Andolini’s Pizzeria / Facebook

They have an amazing house salad with strawberries and candy nuts! When talking about the pizza, their signature white pizza, loaded with spinach and mushrooms, is praised by customers as one of the best pizzas they have ever had, but don’t take our word for it. Head to Andolini’s and take a bite to find out.

Pizza Crossing: Logan, Ohio

Everyone likes freshly baked bread, especially the complimentary bread basket you get at a restaurant. At Pizza Crossing, they take it up a notch. Their delicious breadsticks stuffed with garlic butter and cheese are worth spending a lot of money on. That combo is reason enough for you to visit this place, even if it’s just for the breadsticks.

Pizza Crossing / Facebook

Aside from pizzas, they also serve sandwiches, salads, spaghetti, and beer wine and beer to pair with meals. Don’t forget to sample their decadent pies with unique flavors such as Bacon Chicken Alfredo, Supreme Meat, Yummy Veggie, and Mexican Three-Cheese.

Rhombus Guys: Grand Forks, North Dakota

Like the polygon that they are named after, the offerings at Rhombus Guys are quite interesting, to say the least (with toppings like chipotle beef and bleu cheese cream sauce). The restaurant is also noted for its rooftop and outdoor dining areas. 

Rhombus Guys / Facebook

If you find yourself here, you must sample their gorgonzola pear pizza. Rhombus Guys offers so many interesting possibilities that it makes it difficult to decide what you want, but two things are for sure: it has excellent cuisine and ambiance.

Slice: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

When it comes to the topic of the range of topping options, Slice manages to reign supreme; what they offer ranges from standard to gourmet (which includes delicious fresh whole-milk mozzarella). We’re not exaggerating when we say there are alternatives for every palate at this pizzeria.

Slice Pizzeria / Facebook

Options include full pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, and pizza ordered by the slice (18 pizza variations to choose from!). The proportions of sauce, cheese, and toppings change with every version, so you are in for a memorable culinary experience unlike any other!

Bleecker Street Pizza: New York City, New York

The exceptional flavors, paired with a truly New York grab-and-go style, are what make this establishment truly one of a kind. The word is that Dr. Strange is a longtime patron of this place (because of Bleecker Street?). The owner, Greg, is also an affable guy who aims to please.

Evidently, he takes great satisfaction in providing such wonderful pizza for his customers. He recommends the Nonna Maria with mozzarella, fresh basil, and sauce. Now, that feels like a party in your mouth. Don’t forget to drop by next time you’re in West Village.

Café Rio: Ruidoso, New Mexico

Hearing the name “Kitchen Sink Pizza” for the first time can’t conjure up pleasant imagery in your head. Well, that’s where you are wrong. This Irish stew of a pizza is chock full of so many ingredients that any meat lover would find so enticing and satisfying.

Cafe Rio Pizza / Facebook

It has Canadian bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, salami, red onions, bell peppers, black and green olives, fresh jalapenos, green chili, chopped beef brisket, Italian sausage, andouille sausage, pineapple, and anchovies. Excuse us while we take a breather from typing that long list of ingredients.

Manco & Manco Pizza: Ocean City, New Jersey

When at Manco & Manco, one can enjoy simple, delicious slices with the setting of the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. The pizza crust is somewhat burned and wafer-thin, but there’s abundant cheese and sauce on the pizza that slides off the crust.

The humble pizza parlor has become known as the kingpins of pizza in Ocean City, with three boardwalk locations. Their fresh offerings are best paired with cold Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. Be prepared when coming during peak hours, and you will be greatly rewarded.

Tilton House of Pizza: Tilton, New Hampshire

The proprietors here are incredibly friendly and strive to make visitors feel comfortable. They serve the best sandwiches, pizza, and dinners in the New Hampshire Lakes region. The employees here will go above and beyond to ensure you receive what you buy exactly as you want it. How many places can you say that about?

The meal items are reasonably priced, and their Greek pizza tastes fantastic, with plenty of feta cheese. The Greek salad tastes great with their fries, and they have the most delicious stacked potato pizza featuring pulled pork on top! Mouthwatering! Ok, now we’re hungry.

Pizza Rock: Las Vegas, Nevada

This is one secret that should not stay in Vegas. Everybody should know about this place. Pizza Rock has a trendy atmosphere and is located in a prime spot inside Vegas’ Fremont District. The location is great, but their amazing pizza tops it!

We recommend trying their tuna salad with pancetta and arugula. Customers rave about it and can’t stop telling everyone to order it. They also have delicious pies made with gourmet ingredients. The establishment gets plus points for its friendly wait staff, who are at the patrons’ every beck and call.

Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria: Omaha, Nebraska

Unlike traditional pizzerias, the pizza dough that’s used here gets baked at a bakery among amazing bread and comes with a hearty Sicilian crust. The square pizzas are airy and light, and the edges have an excellent char on the crust.

Also, you can purchase fresh pizza dough, bulk sausage, and excellent red sauce to quickly prepare your mouthwatering slice right in the comfort of your home. Now, how convenient is that? We wish more places were offering such a thing.

Biga Pizza: Missoula, Montana

Biga Pizza is that big of a deal in Montana because they are determined to provide quality food. We mean it when we say their pizza is amazing until the last bite. That’s because they are hand-tossed and come with a sourdough crust coated with garlic and olive oil.

Biga Pizza / Facebook

The Quattro Formaggio (four cheese) is their most popular (who doesn’t like all that cheese?). Like the others, the specials use only local and fresh ingredients, which are always tasty and inventive. There’s something for everyone, with toppings that range from peppers and mushrooms to pepperoni and anchovies.

Pagliai’s Pizza & Pasta: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Pagliai’s pizza is famous for its incredible sausage toppings. It has come to the point that a vacation to Cape Girardeau is a waste of time if you don’t visit Pagliai’s Pizza for a slice. This is as far as it can be from your stuffy, mass-produced pizza.

You can order their hand-crafted pizzas in various crusts, including wheat and gluten-free options. Truly, they aim to serve everyone. One of the must-tries is their Chicago spicy sausage. Additionally, they have a very good assortment of craft beers as well.

Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria: Gulfport, Mississippi

Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria knows everything that needs to be known when it comes to one thing: making some unique brick-oven-cooked seafood pizza that is simply out of this world. You have to try at least once in your life.

Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria / Facebook

Their pizza’s flavor profile is something else. Tony’s sticks with a maxim that they have taken to heart. With excellent meals comes excellent pricing. So, no wonder they have a mini army of loyal customers, considering what they have to offer.

Pagliai’s Pizza: Mankato, Minnesota

When it comes to making a statement using pizza in Minnesota, Pagliai’s managed to hit the trifecta of points. Those are the high caliber of their meats, the copious amounts of cheese they use, and the classic atmosphere of the establishment. That’s music to our ears.

Pagliai’s Pizza / Facebook

This location demonstrates why they have been a Mankato mainstay for so long. Each ingredient (cheese, sauce, crust, and garnishes) is excellent, making for a wonderful pie experience all around. The deep-dish pizzas are cooked to golden-brown perfection with a fluffy and buttery crust. Yum!

BJay’s Pizza and Coneys: Bay City, Michigan

One look at BJay’s pizza would make you think that it’s an expensive treat. That couldn’t be further away from the truth. These delectable culinary delights are inexpensive. However, that doesn’t mean BJay’s is compromising its toppings! No, sir, they do not!

BJay’s Pizza / Facebook

This is why BJay’s happens to be the favorite pizza option of many Bay City residents. They generously top everything with cheese and pair it with high-quality ingredients, which sets the table for a culinary experience unlike anything else.

Regina Pizzeria: Boston, Massachusetts

The restaurant’s legendary reputation and exceptional brick-oven pizza have made it a popular destination within Boston’s “Little Italy” North End neighborhood area since 1926. Now you know how passionate Bostonians can be about their baseball, ice hockey, and especially their food.

Regina Pizzeria / Facebook

So, for them to be able to retain this distinction for so long is a triumph in itself. Tasting this will put you in a dilemma because, once you do, you will realize that there is no other suitable alternative to it. Fast-food pizzas just won’t cut it anymore.

Joe Benny’s Focacceria: Maryland

You won’t think that meatballs are a suitable topping for a pizza, but sample one made by Joe Benny’s. Then, you will understand that they complement pizza in a real way. This eatery serves a delicious meatball appetizer, a blend of beef and pork served with out-of-this-world garlic bread. Yup, that’s how customers describe it.

Joe Benny’s / Facebook

Known for producing very innovative and distinctive pizzas, Joe Benny’s pizzas have amazing flavor and are served on a thick crust. Located in the heart of Little Italy in Baltimore, this joint has a homey atmosphere, and there’s always a wait, which says a lot about their food.

Seacoast Pizza and Pasta: Wells, Maine

Seacoast Pizza does not shy away from providing a good selection, all of which are available by the slice, including Sicilian-style pizza. They sell a minimum of twelve different varieties of their enormous range of pizzas by the slice. They also offer made-to-order pies.

While the majority are New York-style, you should remember to try the thicker Sicilian varieties. Apart from pizza, they have a wide selection of pasta dishes with various sauces, salads, calzones, and spinach rolls, which can be enjoyed in their indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Wildwood Pizza: Alexandria, Louisiana

Wildwood Pizza uses the finest quality ingredients for its pizza, which allows the toppings to pop. One bite is proof enough for you to know that. From their offerings, longtime customers swear by the one that is named “The Beast.” It is well stocked with Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Spicy Sausage, Red Onion, Meatball, and Bacon.

Wildwood Pizza / Facebook

That list of ingredients is so good that typing it out makes us hungry! If you want a healthy option, their salads are also top-notch with fresh ingredients! Aside from their specialty pizzas, customers can also build their own. Remember the name if you’re ever in Louisiana.

Fatkat’s Pizzeria: Georgetown, Kentucky

Staying true to their name, Fatkat goes all out when it comes to three things: pizza toppings, wings, and subs. We know what you’re thinking: what a sumptuous meal these three make! Customers here quite like the options for sub sandwiches and pizza.

FatKats Pizzeria / Facebook

Among the most favorite items from Fatkat’s extensive menu are the Cowboy pizza and the Sweet Red dressing. Dining here is made extra enjoyable by two things: one is the swift, polite service they provide. The other would be their cordial, helpful staff.

Ziggys Pizza: East Wichita, Kansas

Ziggys took things up a notch when they put mac and cheese on a pizza. This would not make sense for pizza purists, but this is as American as things get. Just give it a try; you might like it. It’s that good!

Ziggys Pizza / Facebook

At Ziggys, their delicious meals are complemented by their lively atmosphere. The restaurant is modern and clean, and the service is engaging and kind. Also, they offer some great pizza options if you find the mac and cheese a bit extreme.

Need Pizzeria: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Need Pizzeria’s pizzas are substantial in size and have an assortment of toppings and sauces, which makes them truly irresistible. Plus, they do not shy away from offering truly large portions. There are many options, from their salads to their dessert—and their pizza.

Need Pizza / Facebook

All the food choices are ready and steady to take you on an adventure. They provide a wide variety of toppings and sauces, all of which their customers find to be excellent, but what we love most is they are inclusive, providing a wide selection for those with specific dietary restrictions or allergies.

Mother Bear’s Pizza: Bloomington, Indiana

Throughout this list, we have talked about a lot of unique crusts, but Mama Bear’s pizza crusts are of a different caliber. Located in the center of a busy college town, this place is well known for its unique handmade sesame crust, which students and teaching staff rave about.

Mother Bear’s Pizza Campus / Facebook

Their signature pies are also in demand. Mother Bear’s has countless accolades aside from being named the best pizza in Bloomington by the Indiana Daily Student. When it comes to good food, one thing is for sure: you can never go wrong with Mother Bear’s.

Pequods Pizza: Chicago, Illinois

Being named the best deep-dish pizza in a city known for its amazing deep-dish options is not an easy accomplishment. Ask any Chicagoan where to go for the best pizza in town, and the majority will tell you Pequods. Their pizza is a whole new level of deep-dish pizza, and that’s just saying something!

Pequod’s Pizza Chicago / Facebook

Customers say it tastes significantly more than Chicago’s other two deep-dish establishments. Their crust had the ideal balance of “yeasty” and “biscuity.” Unlike others, it had a light, crispy feel rather than a heavy, oily one. They’re so good that weekend wait times are not in minutes but hours.

MOD Pizza: Idaho

MOD is quite a modern restaurant in one key, unique aspect. It allows customers to affordably create a pizza according to their specifications. Also, when it comes to ambiance, they have managed to create a lovely establishment. Don’t fret when you see long lines because it moves pretty quickly.

MOD Pizza / Facebook

You’re guaranteed delicious grub when you enter MOD’s doors. When here, remember to sample their “no name cake.” This cake with cream in the middle is just heavenly, the kind of dessert we would love to have after a good pizza.

Outrigger Pizza Company: Kihei, Hawaii

This place oozes the signature vibes that Hawaii is known worldwide for. They have speedy and efficient preparation of tasty individual pizzas at an affordable price. So, you feel hungry after shredding some waves? This is the perfect spot to stuff your face full with good food.

The Outrigger Pizza Company / Facebook

They are popular for serving large individual pizzas with freshly prepared toppings, which taste deliciously of wood-fired grilling. Orders can also be customized with your preferred toppings. The cuisine is amazing, the atmosphere is inviting and cozy, and the staff working there are great to chat with.

Antico Pizza Napoletana: Atlanta, Georgia

Longtime customers of Antico’s love their dedication to using a traditional Italian method when preparing pizzas. Old-school techniques are used to craft pizzas that are baked in a 900-degree oven to perfection. This allows the pizza to develop a lovely, thin crust, a Neapolitan-style staple.

Antico Pizza Napoletana / Facebook

Traditional versions of both white and red pizzas are available, all made with the freshest ingredients, such as Mozzarella di Bufala cheeses flown in from Naples and Pomodorini and San Marzano tomatoes hand-picked in Campania. Their margarita and lasagna pizzas are crowd-pleasers.

Duetto Pizza and Gelato: Key West, Florida

Duetto is known for something other than its delicious pizza. Their gelato is truly something else that needs to be sampled. A few customers compare it to a scoop of heaven with creamy flavors that melt in your mouth. It might be worth taking a trip for.

Their pizzas come complete with slices of whole tomatoes and gorgonzola, paving the way for a culinary experience unlike any other. So, if you find yourself nearby, do pop by this establishment and treat yourself to some delicious and satisfying grub.

Wiseguy Pizza: District of Columbia

Wiseguys lives up to its name when it comes to the variety of vegetarian options and inventive pairings it offers. We suggest ordering their Margherita and Chicken Ranch if you are here for lunch. They never fall to delight customers.

Wiseguy Pizza / Facebook

An honorable mention would be their mushrooms and truffles, which will leave you yearning for more! Like every good vegetarian restaurant, they have their own version of the Indian dish Paneer Tikka, which tastes amazing. Some customers swear their pizzas are a hangover cure.

Mr. P Pizzeria: Lewes, Delaware

Mr. P Pizzeria is well known in the vicinity for their skillful application of brick-oven cooking methods. A proper oven like that makes wood-fired pizza fantastic. Although it’s not a large or elegant restaurant, it has plenty of local charm and a homey feel.

Mr P Pizza / Facebook

Also, your orders come quickly, and the wait is short. Apart from their pizza, their garlic bread gets a very warm welcome from regular customers. What a perfect side dish for a date night than fresh garlic bread! Takeouts are recommended on weekends due to the crowd.

Modern Apizza: New Haven, Connecticut

As the name implies, New Haven is a veritable haven for pizza lovers. So, when that seems to be the case, you have to make sure your offerings are unique even to stand out. The last thing any establishment wants is to get lost in the crowd.

Modern Apizza / Facebook

Modern Apizza has done just that, and in a town where pizzas are the specialty, the clam pizza is a delightful winner. If you want something other than seafood on your pie, we suggest you try their pizza with sausage and cherry peppers.

Pizza Pedal’r: Winter Park, Colorado

You know that you have struck gold as a pizzeria when people who were born and bred in New York tell you it’s one of the best! Pizza Pedal’r is well known for its delicious crusts and the sheer variety of topping options.

Pizza Pedal’r / Facebook

Like John Hammond from Jurassic Park, they have spared no expense in having an amazing range of sizes and toppings that go well with their equally great crust. What’s even better is that you can get by with the slice.

Bronx Pizza: San Diego, California

Now, if you operate your shop with the name Bronx in it, that comes with a huge responsibility. But the folks at Bronx Pizza have managed to keep the authenticity of their NY-style pizzas. Their crust has the perfect crispy texture one would expect.

Bronx Pizza Inc / Facebook

Also, it cracks exactly where New Yorkers would expect to see cracks in a slice of pizza when folded. If you end up here for lunch, we suggest having their white stone pizza, which comes topped with mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

Deluca’s Pizzeria Napoletana: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Deluca’s places a heavy emphasis on local, fresh ingredients. Although this makes their pizza somewhat pricier than the norm, one bite is enough for anyone to know that they use only the best ingredients, many of which are grown nearby.

Deluca’s Pizza / Facebook

Apart from their pizza, other must-tries are their meatballs and Caesar salad. The ingredients and sauce are amazing, and the wood-fired dough is just right. This magical combo paves the way for a culinary experience that has earned this place a lot of customers.

Bill’s Pizza: Prescott, Arizona

After going through some of the best pizza establishments each state offers, you might notice that one word gains prominence, “crust.” Bill’s Pizza upholds that tradition by offering a pizza with a crisp crust baked to perfection. So, it is no wonder it is frequently called “the best.”

Bill’s Pizza / Facebook

This staple in the city’s historic downtown is popular with the lunch crowd, who wants a quick meal, and the dinner crowd who enjoys their grub with wine. The Elton John pizza is a crowd-pleaser and pairs well with the small cranberry, feta, and almond salad.

Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria: Anchorage, Alaska

Just because they are located on the icy plains of Alaska does not mean that Moose’s Tooth doesn’t have some tricks up their sleeve. They are well known for their wide assortment of creative pizzas with a contemporary twist, so don’t fret if you’re on that part of the country.

Moose’s Tooth / Facebook

Additionally, they provide a range of crust options, including whole grain for those who choose a healthier diet and gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions. If you find yourself here, we would suggest having the spicy Thai chicken or the apricot chicken.

Matas Greek Pizza Grinders: Anniston, Alabama

If Mata and William Rodopoulos had listened to people who told them opening a pizza joint in Anniston was a bad idea, we wouldn’t have had the privilege of enjoying delicious pizza today. We’re glad they pursued their dreams because we are reaping the benefits.

If you are hankering for Greek cuisine in Alabama, this is the place to be. Customers say that it’s impossible to express how amazing their pizza tastes! Mata’s ensures all offerings are always sent fresh, with amazing garnishes and feta cheese.