Ways To Prevent That White Stuff From Showing Up On Your Salmon

By Stephen M

The health benefits of eating seafood like salmon are enormous, coupled with it being appetizing. Salmon is highly nutritious with omega-3 fatty acids that support brain function and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Salmon toast with garlic or lemon butter is your best bet when you need a healthy quick-fix meal. But if you are a fan of salmon dishes, you would realize that they sometimes appear whitish after roasting or baking. This sometimes makes it lose its flaky touch. So, what brings the white slimy stuff on salmon?

Photo credit: thefishsite.com

Is the white stuff on salmon normal?

Never panic when you see this slimy white substance on your baked or roasted salmon. It is actually a protein called albumin and not harmful. Albumin is situated at the sides of the salmon and appears when you rush the cooking or overcook it.

How to prepare a normal-looking salmon

Suppose seeing albumin on your cooked salmon worries you so much. Relax because there are ways to prevent it. In doing this, you need to follow these simple rules.

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You may be in a rush to serve dinner but always make sure you don’t undercook the salmon. For the flesh to easily separate into layers, kindly press it gently with a fork. Another way of ensuring albumin-free salmon is to brine it. Doing this breaks down the salmon’s muscle fiber, which then prevents the squeezing of albumin. If you have enough time at hand, try to oven-roast your salmon at a low temperature.