What Do Children Love To Eat With Grilled Cheese?

By Kanyi M August 30, 2021

Aside from avocado, bacon, mayo, tomato, and green onion, grilled cheese sandwiches are a beloved food. They have been enjoyed since the mid-1800s and are exponentially more popular in the last few decades. The use of butter is a common but controversial ingredient with some believing it makes grilled cheese taste better while others despise this practice. Children love grilled cheese best with:

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1. Pasta

Kids love the idea of putting anything on pasta; including grilled cheese which makes a great dish out of what would otherwise be simple pasta.

2. Burgers

Grilled cheese and burgers are quite similar in their creation and composition. Since burgers have become so popular, children have explored the possibilities of trying to make burgers with grilled cheese. In fact, some restaurants have even created cheeseburgers with this combination as an interesting way to get more people to come in.

3. Soup

Another interesting way to serve grilled cheese is by placing it within a soup like chicken noodle soup or tomato soup. By doing so, you make the child eat his vegetables and drink his milk at the same time without him realizing it at first.

4. Stew

The same principles of soup apply to stew. The only difference is that it has a thicker consistency than soup. If you add tomato paste, you can give the stew a reddish-brown color and make it more appetizing for children who strongly oppose vegetables.

5. Cereal

Grilled cheese has been transformed into a staple of breakfast. In fact, making it into cereal is so popular that there are now flavored cereals that have grilled cheese as one of their ingredients.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock