Weird And Wacky Snacks Abound: 40 Unusually Flavored Treats Only The Bold Can Try Out

By Farah J

Initially, food was made solely for the survival of living species on the planet. But as time passed, it got better, more flavourful, and more than just a source of survival. Human creativity and curiosity introduced a broader range of food combinations. 

However, at some point, it seems that something strange happened to the human race that has made people create weirder and more questionable flavors of food over time. For example, currently, in the 21st century, there exists countless flavors of potato chips globally.

Some flavor combinations sound amazing but taste like puke, and vice versa. Others just make us question the “imaginative” creators of these abominations. So, buckle up as we take you on an amazingly horrid trip exploring the weirdest food flavors in the world!

A potato-cola monstrosity

Snacks have a special place in our hearts. And no snack tray is complete without potato chips. A packet of crispy, crunchy crisps with a savory flavor always does the trick. At least that was true until this monstrosity was invented: fizzy cola-flavored crisps!

Image Source: irishmirror

A fan of fizzy cola came up with the horrible idea of mixing two polar opposite flavors and let’s just say it’s our firm belief that it should be banned all over the planet. It’s much better for everyone to keep potato crisps and fizzy cola separate!

Beetroot broth horror

A certified Ukrainian delight, borscht soup is an ever-delicious, mouthwatering starter dish made from beetroot cooked in beef or chicken stock with other additional seasonal veggies and seasoning. That said, combining that heavenly flavor with potato chips could be a bit much. 

Image Source: thetravellingtrini

Although we don’t mind when nice rich flavors are added to potato chips, we are not sure about these beetroot-flavored potato crisps. But since we enjoy Ukrainian soup, we suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try this out once. Would you ever eat this?


If you have not been to Japan or China, there is one thing you should know about East Asian countries. Though some of their food may resemble delicacies from other parts of the world, they definitely aren’t the same. Especially pizza!

Image Source:

For example, this tunizza. Unlike other types of pizza, this one has tuna toppings. Fish is a staple in Japan, so it’s no wonder they have a type of fish pizza made with corn and cheese. It may be healthy, but it doesn’t sound tasty. We could be wrong, though!

Minty breath

India is the land of herbs and spices. There is no kind of delicious seasoning that can’t be found there. Thus, as you would expect, they created their own special flavor of Lay’s potato chips, featuring their famous herb: mint. We wonder if it tastes like toothpaste!

Image Source: Anna/blogspot

It is a common joke among people that every food that has mint in it must taste like minty fresh toothpaste. However, we hope this Indian snack does not leave a prickly, cold, fresh flavor mixed with salty potatoes in your mouth.

Sweet and salty

With the next snack, we have sweet sugary biscuits on one end of the flavor spectrum and salty and savory gravy on the other. Even a newborn child can tell that these two would make a horrible combination. But humans had to mix them for some reason. 

Image Source:

And voila! Please welcome this eye-opening ( and not in a good way) combination of Lay’s potato chips with a biscuit and gravy flavor! Well, we’ve had simple salted Lay’s, which we thought was horribly bland, so maybe this won’t be so bad, right?

Crunchy bun

Whenever someone mentions cinnamon buns, our brains instantly send signals to our mouths to start watering. And no, we’re not exaggerating about the divine and sweetly enriching flavors of these tasty snacks. Working in a pastry cafe that makes these must be pure bliss! 

Image Source:

But who knew there were people out there who were set on turning cinnamon buns into a flavor? This is absurd on so many levels. These delicious buns are heavenly on their own, so why would you want “cinnamon-flavored” potato crisps? It would be like eating crunchy potato buns!

Pop Choc

Ever since we were born, we’ve had so many types of chocolates from different brands with different flavors, shapes, and fillings inside them that we have lost count. From wafers to nuts to caramel to simple milk and dark chocolate, we have had them all.

Image Source:

Well, it looks like someone is still trying to come up with more creative chocolate flavors as if the world hasn’t had enough of them already. We now have chocolate with popcorn stuffing inside them! We don’t know about you, but we highly doubt we’d ever give this a chance.

Romanian delight

They say that pickles are a specialty in Romania. Would a Romanian confirm that for us? Well, it doesn’t matter since we now have proof that these guys are such huge fans of pickles that they make pickle-flavored foods and snacks, like potato chips!

Image Source:

We can’t wrap our heads around enjoying salty potato chips in pickle flavor. That said, at least with this one, both flavors are on the savory side, so maybe adding pickles in crisps wouldn’t make it disgusting. But you won’t know for sure until you try it!

Fruity goodness

There is a long list of snacks that have fruit in them or artificial flavors of fruit that make them sweet and enjoyable. The simplest example of this is anything that is strawberry-flavored – from milkshakes to pies to jams to candies.

Image Source: SeattleFlyerGuy/blogspot

Well, since strawberries have seemingly conquered every edible a person can think of, an unexpected nemesis decided to introduce blueberry-flavored potato chips as a way of getting the upper hand in the field of salty snacks. Something tells us they won’t come close to beating strawberries at this game!

Hot and cold

If you have ever eaten wasabi, you understand this hot and cold picture all too well. For those who need an explanation, wasabi is horseradish found in Japan. It is green and slightly sweet and also gives your nose a burning sensation like mustard does.

Image Source:

So, whoever thought of making wasabi ice cream either did not know this spicy fact about wasabi, or they intentionally combined the two to form a weird food pun. Either way, it does not look or sound appealing. We love wasabi, but there’s no way we’d ever eat wasabi-flavored ice cream.

Avo-tato crisps

Salads come in various flavors with different seasonings and dressings to make them as flavourful and delicious as possible. Even without a lot of effort, a simple bowl of fruit salad is so mouthwatering and healthy that it would immediately make you forget processed snacks.

Image Source: Creamy Steaks/blogspot

Then again, you can’t keep everyone away from snacks and convince them to eat healthy food all the time. So, there is always one person who would do anything to eat chips and declare that they’re made from “healthy” ingredients, like these new avocado salad-flavored chips.

Fudgey soda

Fizzy drinks or sodas are beloved summer drinks. During those fun, hot months, you will see people chugging on them here and there. They are cold and sweet and have the ability to quench your thirst and cool your body simultaneously. Well, so does a chocolate milkshake, right?

Image Source:

That was probably the reason why someone decided to combine the two and enjoy two goodies in one go. The funny thing is that some people really enjoyed this sugary, “diet” chocolate fudge-flavored soda! To us, this combo just sounds horrendous.

Whiskey and haggis with potato

The reason why the range of food in the world evolves is creativity and the curiosity to try new flavors and methods of cooking food. We would have gotten nowhere in the field of cuisine if we only focused on a few fruits and herbs and the raw meat of the animals we hunted. 

Image Source: mackiescrisps

As much as human evolution leaves us in awe, some people also make sure that we stay humble regarding our advancements. How do they do this, you ask? By introducing questionable flavors of potato crisps like whisky & haggis and venison & cranberry.

Squirrel flavor

When Walker’s potato chips were launched, their flavors rocketed sky high, and for a while, they had the whole world in the palm of their hands. These chips were so good and had such interesting flavors that no one could resist trying every new one they put out. 

Image Source: bink_uk/Reddit

They had an amazing reputation until they started taking it for granted and began introducing flavors like choco and chili, duck, and cajun squirrel flavors. Cajun squirrel-flavored potato chips look terrible, and the idea of them sounds even worse. Where did the good flavors go?

Gummy fish Oreos

Gummy bears come in different flavors, and each one of them is unique and tasty. That’s why it’s so hard to just pick one and give the rest to your sibling! But have you ever wondered how these sweet, sugary, berry flavors would taste with Oreo wafers?

Image Source:

Neither have we. But apparently, someone in Sweden did and created an abomination in the land of Oreos. This may look like strawberry cream filling in chocolate wafers, but it’s actually the furthest thing from that. But for Swedish fish fans, this may be the snack of your dreams!

Crunchy fish eggs

Caviar is a type of famous food served with toast and sushi, especially where seafood is popular. It comes in two colors, black and red. Both are made out of fish eggs and taste slightly different. Red caviar consists of salmon roe eggs and is swallowed in small quantities.

Image Source: Zapadnik/wordpress

So, when Russia introduced red caviar-flavored potato chips, we couldn’t help but puke inside our mouths. Not that caviar is disgusting, and neither are potato chips, but there’s no way we’d want our potato chips to taste like salty, crunchy fish!


Have you ever chewed on those little colorful marshmallows made by Peeps that are shaped like chicks dipped in milk chocolate and covered in tasty colored sugar? Well, if you haven’t, you are definitely missing out. They are as delicious as you imagine they are. 

Image Source:

A horrible decision is always one person away, they say. Someone willingly put themselves out there and suggested making Pepsi with Peeps flavor. Pepsi is already sweet enough, so we couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would want to ruin perfectly good marshmallows and an original drink.

Pepsi crispy

We did not know Pepsi was or could be a flavor until this crime happened in the name of introducing a new kind of potato chips. When we’re craving a snack, we take a trip to the kitchen, grab a flavourful bag of chips and a can of soda, and enjoy them separately.

Image Source:

But it seems someone didn’t like what we were doing, so they decided to combine these two delicious things, which didn’t need mixing! One is crispy and made out of a vegetable, and the other is a fizzy drink, for heaven’s sake! Leave them alone.

Creamy Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is one of the biggest soda brands, with branches and franchises all over the world. This brand, just like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, comes in cans, is fizzy and sweet, feels like heaven on a hot day in summer, and also comes with a diet version.

Image Source:

It can be difficult to anticipate human nature and the decisions that arise from different situations. That said, sometimes creativity leads to the biggest and most horrible blunders that leave your ears red. Take Dr. Pepper’s new flavor of strawberry and cream, for example!

Land and sea combo

Some “chefs” stand in the kitchen and throw everything they deem edible into the pan without thinking and call it “creativity” or “out-of-the-box thinking.” While we admit that sometimes this leads to lovely discoveries, this lack of sense of direction can lead to dreadful food combinations too.

Image Source: yummly/yummly

For example, a lousy “chef” decided to introduce a new flavor of Lay’s (as if it needed any more of them) and combined different flavors of meat from land and weed from the sea. To top it off, they added cheese to this bizarre creation! Stroke of genius? We think not!

Bbq to roasted turkey

Do you remember when we used to have only a few flavors of Pringles, and every single one of them was our favorite? All those flavors, especially barbecue, won our hearts with a single crunchy bite. Ah! The good ol’ days.

Image Source:

But how did we go from barbecue and cheddar cheese to roasted turkey flavor? What happened to “keeping the flavors real”? Because this bizarre introduction makes it look like Pringles was trying too hard to think of something innovative yet tasty.

Refreshing and crispy

Cucumbers are one of those veggies that give off a very cool and refreshing vibe and taste. During summer especially, they are heaven on earth in the form of food. Whatever way you choose to ingest them – in a salad, sandwich, or cocktail – cucumbers never disappoint.

Image Source:

Though these plants may not be disappointing, humans can be at times, especially when it comes to food creativity and introducing new flavors. We honestly cannot decide how we feel about cucumber-flavored potato chips. Cool and refreshing…and crispy? Sounds weird and confusing.

Gravy canes

Candy canes equal Christmas. And Christmas equals joy. So, according to algebra, candy canes equal joy! Whether it’s peppermint, mint, or strawberry flavor, these treats are absolutely adorable, and one of our favorite Christmas delights. Well, after peppermint white chocolate popcorn!

Image Source:

All was well until the candy cane factory did a backflip and landed in the horror zone. When they started introducing bizarre flavors like gravy and seaweed-flavored candy canes, we knew that our joyful candy cane-filled Christmas era had ended. Frankly, we feel cheated.

Mint vs. cinnamon

There is mint, and there is chocolate. These two things existed perfectly and separately in their own worlds, making humans happy in their own distinct ways. Well, at least the majority of them. However, someone was clearly not happy, so they introduced mint-chocolate-flavored Pringles potato chips. 

Image Source: Alexander Braun/blogspot

And then there was also the sweet cinnamon Pringles flavor that was launched as a limited edition (thankfully). As much as it may sound appealing at times, we despise the idea of sweet and salty crisps. So, mint-choc vs. cinnamon chips? Neither, please.

Pop n’ tac

What is going on in the snack world? Where are these absurd ideas of combining two massively different types of food coming from? We have so many questions about this despicable and bizarre mix of popcorn and tic tac, of all things!

Image Source: grocerygems

Popcorn is elite, especially when it comes to movies. No other snack gives us the same vibe and pleasure popcorn does. The same goes for Tic Tac but in a different yet refreshing kind of way. Hot, salted popcorn (flavor) in a cool tic tac? Please get us out of here!

Cheesy buffalo wings

Did you know that potato chips of any brand in cheddar cheese flavor are the most popular kind all over the world? Yes, it is true, and honestly, not very surprising. Cheddar cheese-flavored potato chips rule the entire snack world.

Image Source:

So, why would anyone switch the flavor from cheddar cheese to pungent, salty blue cheese, and worse, combine it with tangy buffalo wings? These potato chips went from ten to one in a single flick. Well, maybe it’s time cheese gave other flavors a chance.

Beefy rings

Aussies are either geniuses in the food department, or they create bizarre food combinations that the rest of the world criticizes until their last breath. There is no in-between. If you have been to Australia or watched Masterchef Australia, you understand this.

Image Source:

For example, the US blessed the world with the divine delicacy that is onion rings. They are finger-licking delicious. Unfortunately, Aussies took the idea, added “beef flavor” to it (if there is such a thing), and created burger rings. Yay or nay?


Fruity flavors dominate the world of sweet snacks. Whether it’s gummy bears or jellies, jams or candies, cakes or milkshakes, we adore the wide range of fruit flavors in sweets. They may not be very healthy, but they certainly are delicious!

Image Source:

But when did people start making salty snacks with sweet fruity flavors? We wonder how and why anyone would think switching from kiwi-flavored candies to kiwi-flavored potato chips was a good idea. Like several others on this list, these two things should have just been left alone.

Licking fingertips

There are several ways to advertise a new flavor. One of them is picking an interesting food pun because customers are typically attracted to humor and catchy slogans. An interesting way of literally judging the book by its cover. That’s how the world works.

Image Source:

However, try not to dive too much into the puns and forget to add the essential details of your product. For example, Hot Pockets left out a crucial piece of information about a particular food ingredient – whose “fingertips” are they dipping in cheese? 


First came fish soup, then came its new advanced flavor – hot and sour fish soup – which shook the world with its divine and savory taste. As expected, this new delicious taste raised the bar in the world of soup, especially in East Asian countries.

Image Source: taringa/taringa

But since when did this bar-raising treat become a mere flavor? And that too in a bag of potato chips! It is quite difficult to imagine such a legendary dish being treated so poorly. This soup deserves more, and so do potato chips!

Sweet baco-rn

The world was a bright and shiny place when there was only one original flavor of popcorn. Life was good, happy, and uncomplicated. However, it all changed after people started introducing new flavors of one of this magnificent food item.

Image Source:

Caramel and cheese-flavored popcorn were tolerable. But now the world seems dark and twisted with the dreadful existence of caramel and bacon-flavored popcorn in our lives. This horrendous creation should be a crime under the law. It’s treacherous to popcorn!

Seaweed crisps

There are two types of people in the world: those who love seaweed and those who hate it with all their hearts and souls. You can’t be in the middle on this. That said, both these types agree on one particular thing: seaweed-flavored food snacks are a disgrace to seaweed.

Image Source: applewagon/imgur

We can assure you that this united group absolutely despises the idea of mixing seaweed with potatoes. Even if you have never tasted this bizarre combo, you should know that you don’t need to. Even the sound of it is just off-putting.

Pot noodles

Let’s leave the flavoring and seasoning of noodles to the East Asians, shall we? Because clearly, we are not nearly as good or creative as these folks. They have mastered the art of putting out impeccable noodle flavors that undeniably rule the world.

Image Source:

You can tell that making innovative flavors of noodles is not our thing by looking at this grotesque pot noel noodles with artificial gravy and stuffing flavor. If you thought pigs in blankets was the worst thing on earth, now it has competition! 

Vegemite richness

Aussies are at it again! Vegemite spread is quite delicious and super popular in Australia. You could even say that it is Australia’s Nutella. But did they really have to mix that enriching, bitter, meaty flavor with potato chips? What were they thinking?

Image Source:

Vegemite is a spread that tastes like strong soy sauce or tamari sauce that has a hint of meaty flavor in it. It is not sweet or sour – it is bitter! So, why would someone buy a bitter-flavored bag of chips to munch on while they enjoy a movie? 

Pickle candy

It was a shock to us when we learned that most people do not know how cotton candy is made or what it is made of. Believe it or not, a large portion of today’s population thinks that cotton candy is made out of “edible cotton”!

Image Source:

But after seeing this strange creation, we bet most of them would figure out that something was quite wrong and straighten their facts because there is no way there’s anything called “pickle cotton.” Pickle-flavored cotton candy must be banned before it goes out into the world.

Lemon-sesame and blue-nut

A fruit and nut combo may not make a good duo every time you think of putting out a new flavor. You have to consider the kind of food your customers love before you think of adding fruit and nuts to it.

Image Source:

This is especially important to potato chip companies out there who are trying their best to keep their customers attracted to their products. Unfortunately, they are out here trying too hard, as evidenced by Pringles’ new lemon-sesame and blue-hazel flavors.

Hot chicken crisps

Hot chicken wings are always a must in a fast-food restaurant. A food order is not complete without chicken wings – a heavenly sidekick to our double-decker burger. Sometimes we wonder how people in the old ages lived without this deliciousness.

Image Source:

But being humans, we always end up disappointing and embarrassing the entire species with our occasional erratic actions. Making these undoubtedly terrifying hot chicken wing-flavored potato chips was one of those unforgivable mistakes. Too bad we can’t take it back.

Meaty, sweet chocolate

Thank heavens that there is this thing in the food industry – especially snacks – called ‘limited edition.’ We don’t know where we would be without it. There is a lot of absurdity going on in this field that needs to be eradicated once and for all. 

Image Source: Boats4Goats/Imgur

Take this criminal act, for example. You don’t even need to taste it to know how horrible an idea it is to mix the strong, tangy, and meaty flavor of vegemite in sweet, milky chocolate. When will this limited edition be over? 


Licorice is a herb that is mostly used in Asian foods to cover the foul smell of onions and give dishes a bit of a sweet smell. That said, it’s usually not ingested. In case you have never smelled it, it has a sweet but sort of unpleasant scent.

Image Source:

So, knowing this, you can tell that making licorice-flavored potato chips is a bad, bad idea. These look so bland and sickening that our stomach is churning. These may taste sweet, but we doubt they would appeal to the snack-lover inside us.

Asian range

Asians are known to use a huge variety of scents, herbs, flavors, and spices to make their dishes aggressively flavourful and mouthwatering. You cannot enter an Asian country and not like its mind-blowing traditional foods in every form and taste.

Image Source:

But whatever happened to their range of potato chips? It looks like they mastered every field of the art except for Lays potato chips! There are prawn-flavored, tomato sauce-flavored, spicy hot pot-flavored, and more. However, we’d still like to try them out before judging them.