Where Did It Come From? Discover The Origins Of Some Of The World’s Most Popular Foods

By Anthony K

What’s your favorite dish, and where did it originate from? Honestly speaking, who stops to think about the origins of food when their mind is clouded by hunger? CDA Appliances retraced some popular foods’ history to clarify your knowledge. Read on to find where your favorite food may have originated from.

Ice Cream

Most people believe that ice cream was originally from Italy, not knowing that it came from Mongolia. Italy receives more credit for ice cream because of its quality gelato and ice cream.

Photo Credits: cda.eu

The invention of ice cream in Mongolia may have been accidental. Mongolian horse riders carrying yak or buffalo milk across the Gobu desert discovered that their provisions would freeze. The expansion of the empire back in the day gave ice cream more popularity across the continent.


Pasta is a popular dish one may think is from Italy. The delicacy arrived in Italy around the 13th century when introduced by European travelers who had discovered egg noodles from nomadic Arabs spreading early forms of pasta from Asia.

Photo Credits: cda.eu

Italian pasta includes durum wheat, making them distinct from other noodles. Italians redefined pasta by adding this ingredient, making the pasta more affordable, durable, versatile, and tastier when paired with native Mediterranean foods.


Doughnuts are popular in the US, but they originated in Greece. Krispie Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts have become notable brands specialized in doughnut production for decades.

Photo Credits: cda.eu

Original doughnuts brought to the US by Dutch settlers didn’t have the ring shape. Doughnuts are considered the oldest dessert dating back to the first Olympic Games.