35 Food Abominations That We Don’t Want To Find On Our Plate

By Jishnu B March 30, 2022

Food mashups have taken the center stage in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. There’s something very appealing about combining your favorite foods to create potentially delicious concoctions such as s’mores, ice cream and fries, and cronuts. However, not all experiments go as planned, and some results turn out to be utterly terrible. Some of you might already be disgusted at the thought of ice cream and fries, and we completely understand. However, some combinations are outright terrible. Sometimes, a food combination is far from tasty and even visually unpleasant. Before you proceed any further, this is a precautionary check to let you know that the following foods may cause you to gag, wince, or even cry — so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. The Turkey Dinner Felony 

More often than not, such foods are created for content creation purposes rather than for consumption, and Brach’s benefited greatly from the debut of this atrocity. We like turkey, apple pie, and coffee as individual items, but combining them is a crime against the culinary arts.

Image Credits: jackalope_gg/Instagram

We would even go so far as to say that this food combo reminds us of Willy Wonka’s three-course chocolate feast in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was devised to punish Violent Beauregarde while on the factory tour. This food certainly looks like it’d be a punishment.

2. What Was Salt Bae Thinking?

We’ve all heard of salt bae — Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe who went viral for his unique way of cutting meat and sprinkling salt. Many people found his antics entertaining, causing his popularity to skyrocket and his restaurants to become even more esteemed. 

Image credits: AnonymeR77/Reddit

However, he may have crossed some lines by serving a so-called “meat fondue” that looks like the bread’s been sitting in the kitchen for a while. Salt bae might want to reconsider his famed status before serving dishes like this. 

3. Food Coma

Nothing beats a delicious grilled cheese with plenty of toppings, and the photo on the left looks like something out of a food connoisseur’s dream. However, an added extra gush of cheese sauce on the right has made its consumption very questionable.

Image credits: pizdokles/Reddit

We’re getting clogged arteries from just looking at the cheesy monstrosity overflowing on the right. Given the rising obesity rates across the world, lawmakers should pass a bill to limit dairy products in food to prevent such beastly inventions from being made.

4. The Big Mac Parfait

We all love McDonald’s iconic Big Mac, but this time someone thought it would be wise to stack one mac on top of another. And no, we’re not talking about double patties. The configuration below makes no sense to us.

Image Credits: grillsportverein.de

We are not even sure how to eat this monstrosity properly. Do you eat it with a spoon like a normal parfait? Or do you dump it all onto a plate and eat it like the deconstructed burger it really is?

5. Insult To Italian Food

Let’s be completely honest — just looking at this photo gives us feelings of sheer disgust, and eating it is something that we might do in our worst nightmares. Pizza, calzone, and fettuccine are all delicious on their own, but this combination is a big no-no.

Image credits: sushiiisenpai/Reddit

Italy has given us some of the greatest foods of all time. We hope Italian chefs never see this as it is a decadent offense to their timeless cuisine. We’re sorry to say this, but this even looks like tapeworms. Yuck. 

6. Sonic Curry?

It’s not uncommon to see food combinations with our favorite characters. For example, the dozens of Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese shaped like cartoon characters such as SpongeBob and Olaf. But some companies take it too far, like this limited-edition Sonic The Hedgehog curry.

Image credits: cactusdan94/Reddit

As if green and purple ketchup weren’t weird enough, blue curry has been added to the rainbow spectrum of odd foods. We don’t know if the curry tastes any different, but there’s something so wrong about such a bright blue on our dinner plates. No, thank you.

7. Corona Soup 

As if Covid hadn’t already wreaked enough havoc in our lives, this corona soup has arrived to make us sick to our stomachs. Someone thought it would be amusing to stick mushrooms on meatballs to make them resemble the Covid-19 virus.

Image credits: BornToBe6776/Twitter

Well, this soup is anything but amusing, and we would even go as far as to say that the mere sight of this soup has left us offended and nauseated, and we would rather choose to voluntarily self-isolate than to eat it. 

8. But, Why Jell-O?

We’re not going to lie — we honestly had hope for this particular food combo. Although this food combination of mixing Jell-O with cake looks pretty colorful and appealing, we cannot guarantee that it tastes as good as it sounds.

Image credits: EndVry/Reddit

We’d even go so far as to suggest that this one appears as if it was created for a science project to demonstrate sandstorms drowning the Egyptian pyramids. Even if there’s a chance that the taste might appeal to some people, we just want to say — diabetes!

9. Overdone Oreos

Oreo has recently been trending for releasing a variety of questionable flavors, such as candy corn, pickles, watermelon, banana split, etc, to capitalize on the success of their original cookie. However, that doesn’t mean you can add Oreo to just anything. 

Image credits: greattsauce/Reddit

The only time someone gets to have a pass for munching on an Oreo hamburger is if they are pregnant and have a unique craving for it. Under all other circumstances, we’d go to great lengths to classify this as a first-degree felony.

10. Food That is Stomach Pain Certified

It’s no surprise that you can get a lot of different kinds of flavored milk at the supermarket nowadays. However, pickles combined with milk crosses all boundaries, and we think it’s absolutely outrageous. The only thing nice we could say is that the marketing team had some fun calling it Pilk.

Image credits: Simpsonology/Twitter

Even the prospect of sipping this vile combination makes our stomachs churn. If you find pleasure in agony, drink Pilk. We doubt your stomach will never be the same once you’ve tried this unnecessary food combination. Let’s not even get started on that logo…

11. The Cuboidal Burger

We have seen a lot of innovative spins on sandwiches and burgers, but this one has to be near the top of the strange pile. Burgers are traditionally served on a bun, but this time the meat was stuffed within the entire loaf of bread.

Image Credits: Third Wave Cafe/Facebook

So far, out of all the foods on our list, this one does not appear to be that repulsive, and we may even try a mouthful or two. However, if you are concerned about your calorie intake, you may want to skip out on this one.

12. Explosive Burger

As far as odd takes on burgers and sandwiches go, this one is unsettling to look at, to say the least. We’ve never seen a more ridiculous use for a bun than in this restaurant’s “pork tenderloin sandwiches.” Anybody got a bottle of water?

Image credits: cubansbottomdollar/Reddit

We hate to say it, but it appears that the bun was having a bad stomach day, which resulted in some gross involuntary actions. This is compounded by the apparent absence of condiments, which makes it look like the surface of Mars.

13. Pasta Down Under

TikTok has been the new trendy place where you can find all sorts of food recipes, hacks, and combos. This particular TikTok is showing “Melbourne’s First Pasta Jars,” and we are not sure how to feel about it. At least the recipe seems okay.

Image credits: KirstenKitten/Reddit

Although pasta is a comfort food that we all enjoy, serving it in a container doesn’t make it seem any more special. Restaurants nowadays are far too preoccupied with making their dishes trendy to garner social media attention rather than focusing on taste.

14. Baked Bean Apple

If you use social media, I’m sure you’ve seen innumerable videos of cakes shaped like real objects. Netflix even turned it into a show! Although it’s common to combine sweet and savory flavors, this is borderline blasphemy against any norms of cooking and culinary decency. Have some shame, internet.

Image credits: peepeepoopaccount/Reddit

It seems like some evil scientists got creative and decided to experiment with their breakfast (an apple) and lunch (a bowl of baked beans). Needless to say, the seeping of beans from the apple-shaped cake is grossing us out. What about you?

15. Gamer Food

This concoction is supposedly titled the Mountain Dew Dorito cheesecake. Munching on Doritos while sipping on Mountain Dew sounds great — as any stereotypical MLG gamer will tell you — but physically integrating these two into a cheesecake has us scratching our heads in utter confusion.

Image credits: mercyless1/Reddit

It looks like someone puked up layers of mountain dew over Doritos and called it a delicacy. This reminds us of Regina George’s iconic line from Mean Girls, “stop trying to make fetch happen,” but instead of fetch, it’s this disturbing food combination.

16. The Sandwich Monument

On today’s episode of various unusual takes on sandwiches, we have the sandwich monument for you. They should file a petition to safeguard the rights of these poor little sandwiches. Seriously, people really don’t get tired of creating weird sandwiches.

Image credits: BillOakley/Reddit

Although this sandwich appears to be extremely basic, it is pretty interesting in terms of geometry. Even if it isn’t the most repulsive of the dishes on our list, it is undoubtedly the most pointless one. Some folks have too much time on their hands to dedicate to messing around with their food.

17. Dessert Turkey

When we think about Thanksgiving, one of the first dishes that comes to mind is turkey. Thanksgiving turkey is one of the most popular dishes, and people look forward to it as the holiday season approaches. A dessert turkey, on the other hand, is a no-no.

Image credits: awkwarderest/Reddit

The Rice Krispies sprinkled with chocolate chips and packed with who knows what sounds questionable at best, but the fact that it’s shaped like a turkey is just bizarre. It’s also unsettling to see M&Ms popping out of the rear of a Rice Krispie turkey.

18. Deviled Eggs With a Devilish Turn 

Peanut butter is a wonderful condiment that goes well with a variety of sweet foods. When we think of combining peanut butter, the first thing that springs to mind is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. However, we are not so sure about a PB and J egg.

Image credits: OfficialBrohoss/Twitter

Someone must have thought that peanut butter goes with just about anything, but this combo of deviled eggs served with peanut butter illustrates that even peanut butter has its limits. If you thought egg whites with ketchup and tuna are a bad mix, this takes it to the next level.

19. The Irony of The Food Combo

This food platter appears normal at first glance, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that they serve four patties in each burger while keeping the drink sugar-free. The calorie imbalance in this screams damage control and has us perplexed.

Image credits: jaybetterman/Reddit

If you feel bad about eating four cheese-laden patties at once, you can compensate by slurping the no sugar Coca-Cola. The only purpose of this drink is to make you feel better (in your head) if you’re conscious of how many calories you consume in a day.

20. Gummy Pizza

If you happen to come across this pizza and eat it thinking it’s just another normal pizza, you’ll be surprised and disappointed to know that it’s not even a real pizza. In fact, this is made of jelly, and we’re curious about how it emulates the taste of a real one.

Image credits: whathowyy/Reddit

This strange trend was all the rage on YouTube a few years ago, with users trying gummy versions of real foods. Though the gummy food craze died a long time ago, they do make brief comebacks every now and then.

21. Sandwiches With Bones?

While certain meat dishes are better served ‘on the bone,’ we don’t believe this applies to sandwiches. We can’t deny that this piece of meat looks beautiful with the sauce all over it, but we simply don’t see how someone would even be able to take a comfortable bite out of it. 

Image credits: Sketch_Crush/Reddit

It’s clear that restaurants nowadays are going above and beyond to reinvent themselves and attract customers’ attention. However, putting a bone in a sandwich appears to be a desperate and futile attempt to get the internet’s attention, if only temporarily.

22. Mr. Onion BloomBurg-er

So this eatery decided to add some flair to its burger by literally stuffing it with a deep-fried flared-up onion. Onion blossoms are a famous street snack that many people have grown to love and appreciate, but we don’t think they belong inside a burger.

Image credits: jaybetterman/Reddit

So far, burgers have seen the most heinous reimaginings of any other food item. Some ideas passed with flying colors, while others were just borderline inedible messes. Just looking at this onion bloom burger is giving us a build-up of acid in our stomachs. 

23. Reeses Burger

So, like Oreo, Reese’s jumped on the bandwagon and decided it would be a good idea to place their iconic peanut butter cups inside a burger. As we mentioned before, the extent brands are willing to go these days to appeal to their audiences is based on shock value rather than product value.

Image credits: nightnightmight/Reddit

Combining salty and sweet flavors is not a new notion in the market. However, this sweet and savory burger accomplishes nothing for us other than making us wonder why Reese’s is doing this. We all love Reese’s cups the way it is and don’t need any awful hybrids of them.

24. The Hotdog Food Tower

Looking at some meal combinations makes us more envious than repelled. It’s not because of the taste, though, but because of the number of time people have on their hands to bring these atrocious ideas to life. Maybe go do some community service instead?

Image credits: nightnightmight/Reddit

As you can see from the photo, someone put a lot of effort into constructing this hotdog tower. To be fair, this one looks like it would be quite tasty. What we don’t get is the elaborate plating and the sheer time it undoubtedly wasted. 

25. Cat Food Gone Rogue

Looks like someone ran out of groceries and was too lazy to go out, so they took their cat’s food and used it to replace the tuna in what would have been a normal tuna salad. The guy who made it even dared to swear by the taste of this unusual mixture. 

Image credits: ArsonBjork/Reddit

It seems like staying home for an extended period of time due to the pandemic did a number on us, and we are now too lazy to even go grocery shopping. Let’s let cats have their food in peace and eat something human instead!

26. The Steak Cake

You might be surprised to learn that this is not your average cake. In fact, it’s made of steak and topped with mashed potatoes as the icing. We are quite intrigued as to how it would taste, and for once, the only thing holding us back from recreating this dish is the calorie count.

Image credits: Iminyohed/Reddit and keeplaughingforever.com

A dad made this cake for his kid’s birthday because he loves steaks. This one appears to be a unique combination and a reimagining of how mashed potatoes and steak might go together as a cake. Even though it’s an unusual innovation, we still like it.

27. Smoked Salmon Vodka 

We’re sure there have been many trials with adult beverages and incorporating diverse flavors in them. On the other hand, this concoction wins the prize for oddity because it combines vodka and smoked salmon. We anticipate that the taste of this one will be quite literally fishy.

Image credits: leggypeggy.com

A delicious blueberry vodka or perhaps a citrus-flavored vodka sounds pleasant. However, blending the flavor of smoked salmon with vodka is where we draw the line. These beverage companies appear to have run out of flavoring ideas and are just mixing anything.

28. Wings Pizza

This is another one that doesn’t sound that bad — at least; it’s a big step up from the combination of pizza and fettuccine we saw earlier. However, this one looks like the most difficult one to consume. We’re sure nobody would like to come across bones in their pizza.

Image Credits: ChefGruel/Twitter

We like pizza and buffalo wings just as they are individually, and combining them sounds like a counter-productive effort. A better take on this pizza would be to leave the bones out of it and only spread the meat across the pizza.

29. Too Pretty, So Destroy It.

Eggs are one of those widely adored culinary items that can be put in just about anything. Eggs manage to greatly improve the flavor of almost any food. This one started out okay, but we’re not sure what occurred after a few seconds.

Image credits: GratuitousFisherman/Reddit

This person spent a significant amount of time constructing a heart-shaped yolk in the center of a pan just to fold the whole thing afterward. This begs the question: why would even go through the trouble of creating it if the intention was to destroy it immediately?

30. Is This Even a Meal?

Believe it or not, this is allegedly the US military’s dinner ration. This meal, in our opinion, is anything but nutritious, and we believe they require and deserve a better and healthier meal plan. Soldiers work hard, and this does not do them justice.

Image Credits: sweathesmalls**t/Reddit

We don’t know where to start — the stale and unseasoned mac and cheese, the three miserable “wingettes” and this bland-looking corn and tuna pizza. If we were in the military, we’d rather be deployed than eat this unappetizing dinner.

31. Dumpling Mothership

For some reason, this restaurant served a huge dumpling filled with small dumplings inside. Aside from the obvious waste of dough, the whole point of dumplings is to have an interesting filling inside. We suppose this is intriguing in some way.

Image credits: dxgxn/Reddit

While dumplings can be amazing, the presentation of this meal is somewhat sloppy and disturbing to look at. We would be happier if they served a turkey inside a turkey, for instance. The dish looks like something straight out of the movie Alien.

32. Spaghetti IN Meatballs

This dish appears like something we’d order from a five-star restaurant that tries way too hard to make its dishes look interesting. Instead of placing the meatballs on top of the spaghetti, this restaurant believed it would seem more sumptuous if the spaghetti was placed inside the meatballs themselves.

Image credits: duucccaaaa/Reddit

Although we can give props to the chef for thinking out of the box, this just looks like a pointless gimmick to us. We also think that the ratio of spaghetti to meat is way off. Sometimes, normal is best.

33. Undercooked Food

On the new season of “we don’t even know how to eat this meal,” we bring you undercooked chicken breasts. This individual shared a photo of chicken breasts prepared by their in-laws. To be honest, if we were in this person’s shoes, we’d rather disown our in-laws than eat this.

Image credits: traeflip360/Reddit

This meal appears to be badly undercooked, and we’re not sure if the person who made this was in their right mind when preparing it. Furthermore, there is no seasoning or sauces on the chicken, and it appears quite slimy. Yuck.

34. Waste of Food

We can never understand people who waste food for the sake of posting it on social media. There’s a pathetic trend on social media where people are dipping their food inside tubs of sauce, which some might find entertaining, while others, like us, are outraged at the waste of food.

Image credits: Wooooowwe/Reddit

This woman didn’t have to spill that much sauce in order to eat it, but she had to do it for the views. There are people starving around the world, and wasting food is never ‘entertainment.’ It’s quite disheartening and should be condemned.

35. Pizza Ice Cream or Cone Pizza? 

We were astounded to find that this idea of a pizza cone was conceived by an Italian chef, since, let’s face it, true Italians would never consume these pizza cones. They wouldn’t and shouldn’t — it’s outright heresy. Pizza should not be tampered with. 

Image credits: InevitableTangerine7/Reddit

Cones generally have a sweet context, and we are not sure how the taste of the pizza would go with the sweetness we expect from a cone. For the sake of peace, maybe pizzas should just be allowed to continue in their amazing round shape, and ice cream be served in their regular cones?